Cost of IVF with Own Egg in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with Own Egg in Georgia 2021?

IVF- A technique that makes conception achievable outside the body

IVF is a treatment done when the couple cannot attain conception through natural methods due to various reasons. The inefficiency to achieve pregnancy despite having intercourse for six months to a year is termed as infertility. By using IVF treatment, which is an ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method where fertilization is attained in a lab via a technical method, the couple can get a chance at pregnancy as the various obstacles that were keeping them from accomplishing pregnancy in the natural process are now removed, which means enhanced possibility of conception.

There are other assisted reproductive techniques also such as ICSI, IMSI, Surrogacy, etc. However, the advanced methods than IVF are used when IVF does not give you the results. IVF is a widely used ART technique that pops up in the mind of the patient when they are labeled as infertile and have no hopes of having a baby by natural means. IVF treatment limits the possibility of failure in pregnancy because it involves using a method of assisted reproduction where they mix the eggs with the sperms in a lab so as to eradicate the hindrances observed in the natural process such as impediment in the path of the sperms to reaching and fertilizing the egg.

Before conducting the IVF treatment, the patient is given fertility medicines for accelerating the production of eggs inside her ovaries for egg retrieval. The retrieved eggs from the egg retrieval process and combined with the sperms received from the process of semen collection. Then, the fertilization leads to the creation of one or more embryos, which are then transferred into the recipient’s uterus in embryo transfer. In the end, blood tests are done after 14 days of the embryo implantation to detect the presence of hCG(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

Different facets of IVF that influence the cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia

Various factors contribute to the suitability of a candidate for an IVF treatment and also the chances with which they will receive success in the treatment. Before going for IVF, there are various things to be considered in order to find out the estimated cost of IVF with own egg as the cost differs in accordance with the different conditional requirements of the patient. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have the best fertility specialist that provides the best-quality IVF treatment and that too, at a low cost.

Cost of IVF with Own Egg in Georgia
Cost of IVF with Own Egg in Georgia

Here are some factors that affect the cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia.

Age of the patient. The chances of your success for IVF with own egg majorly depend on your age. It is a known fact that the ovarian reserve of a woman continues to diminish with the increase in her age. A woman is born with all the eggs that she is ever gonna have in life and the egg count decreases with the increase in the age. Therefore, women in her 20s have more chances of conceiving with own eggs as opposed to women over 40. This may also influence the cost of IVF as the woman of older age have to given high dosages of fertility medicines for increasing the number of eggs in her ovaries.

Weight of the patient. Obesity can cause problems for the woman trying to get pregnant with IVF and at the same time, being underweight is also not a favorable situation because only a woman with a healthy weight can get higher chances of success in IVF. Therefore, it is advisable to lose weight before you try your luck with IVF.

Medical history of the patient. It is important that the patient does not have a bad medical history and the presence of any severe health diseases as it may affect the chances of success in IVF and will increase the cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia as the most advanced procedure of IVF is to be performed due to the underlying health issue.

Lifestyle habits. If you have certain bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, that may prove to be detrimental to your fertility. Therefore, before undergoing the fertility treatment it is important to create a healthy fertile environment inside your body, otherwise, it may increase the cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia.

The quest to find the affordable cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia is over

For finding the best fertility centre that offers a reasonable cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia, it is crucial to do proper research to get the best IVF treatment with successful results. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have highly experienced fertility experts with over three decades of experience in providing the superlative quality IVF within a cost-effective price range. Our patient receives the most satisfactory experience at our network fertility hospital and returns home with a baby in their arms. The cost of IVF with own egg in Georgia is USD 3300 to USD 3500, which includes the cost of all the procedures that take place during the IVF treatment.

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