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Thank you so much Fertility Centre Georgia without your help this long-drawn-out process of surrogacy wouldn’t have been possible. The feeling and joy of becoming a parent is indescribable. We cannot even begin to express how thankful we are to the team of fertility centre Georgia. We are parents of a beautiful and healthy boy with the aid of the surrogacy treatment here. The team is very loving, caring and kind and has helped us in many ways to make this journey easy for us. Thanks for making our dream come true.

Kristine Lotts:

Immense love and gratitude to Fertility Centre Georgia for this amazing little gift that we are holding in our arms. While we were searching for different fertility clinics for surrogacy, Fertility Centre Georgia grabbed our attention because people in the review section said that they were able to find the perfect surrogate matching their requirements. So we underwent the surrogacy process and got the exact results that we had envisioned as our baby is the perfect replica of our imagination. All thanks to the hard-working team of Fertility Centre Georgia.

Marcus Azcona:

The day I first contacted Fertility Centre George for surrogacy, the way they dispelled my doubts and assured me good results, cultivated a sense of hope within me. I opted for surrogacy here and got results as expected. They not only deliver great results but also care about us and make sure to give us a great experience at their centre. We were given personalized support and care during our treatment. Please choose Fertility Centre Georgia for your surrogacy treatment.

Jeri Merida:

I felt extremely happy and blessed when I first held my twins in arms. It was something that I was experiencing for the first time because I am infertile and never had a baby in my life. Thanks to Fertility Centre Georgia and our surrogate who have made the impossible possible for us. I will remember this experience for life and the fact that I received a wonderful treatment here. I couldn’t feel grateful enough to compensate what you have given to me. Our whole family is blooming with happiness as the long-awaited dream has become a reality. I would highly recommend this fertility centre to couples who are looking for a surrogacy treatment.

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