How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Georgia?

Surrogacy is one of the advanced fertility treatments of an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), and is always suggested to those couples who have been suffering from tough times with their conception part. Since we know fertility issue is of mild, moderate and severe - therefore on the basis of the couple’s exact problem, an appropriate solution is recommended. Surrogacy is the finest treatment amongst all other procedure such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, and so on. Why finest one? Surrogacy has been the best fertility way for those couples, who have had undergone multiple cycles of IVF or other fertility treatments (with no success result) to have a baby. Let’s learn some more facts and figures about the surrogacy process such as how the surrogacy is accomplished by the best surrogate in Georgia, what is the Cost of Surrogacy in Georgia, and what is the success rate of the surrogacy process at the best surrogacy centre in Georgia.

Cost of Surrogacy in Georgia 2020
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Surrogacy is a fertility treatment in which the intended couples receive the services of a surrogate mother, who carries the baby for nine months and delivers the baby to them. The whole procedure is backed up by a legal agreement between the involved parties in order to protect the rights of surrogate mother and the intended couple.

As a part of the agreement, the surrogate mother relinquishes all her parental rights and accedes to give up the kid after the delivery. Surrogacy is an arduous and time-consuming process. It is important to receive the consent of all the parties before beginning the treatment as any negligence in the process can cause serious financial and emotional damages to the concerned parties.

There is one method of Surrogacy in Georgia, which is explained below.

  • Gestational Surrogacy: It is a surrogacy arrangement that incorporates the use of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique. It is the most commonly used method of surrogacy that gives the advantage of having a biologically related child. In this, the embryo is obtained by the traditional IVF method and is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

A Brief Insight into The Gestational Surrogacy Process In Georgia –

The joy of becoming a parent and raising a child is beyond any comparison, but there are some couples who are unable to experience this journey due to their moderate or severe fertility problems. Surrogacy usually includes those candidates wherein the woman faces issue with her uterus – or have had undergone major surgery that has affected her uterus (such as hysterectomy) to conceive healthy baby. If you are seeking the world-class Surrogacy Cost in Georgia, then no need of pondering here and there looking for the answer as you will get unbeatable surrogacy along with the surrogate at the best surrogacy clinic Georgia.

Surrogacy is amongst the famous methods of assisted reproductive technology where the infertile couple avail the services of a surrogate in order to have their own child. If you are one of the couples considering surrogacy then the first thing crosses your mind is the cost of surrogacy. While the cost of surrogacy depends upon various factors, but Fertility Centre Georgia offers surrogacy treatment at an affordable price.

Undergoing the surrogacy treatments seems to be a desirable option to the couples affected by infertility and struggling with carrying a pregnancy on their own. Even though surrogacy arrangement appears to be advantageous to all the parties concerned, it is no longer a simple process owing to the involvement of legal, moral, and ethical aspects. Regardless of the complications involved, the patients at Fertility Centre Georgia receive a smooth and stress-free surrogacy treatment experience.

What is the gestational process in surrogacy in Georgia?

Gestational surrogacy has the IVF process, which makes the surrogacy process a bit hard. Though it is suitable for surrogacy cost in Georgia. The detailed procedure of surrogacy in Georgia is given below:

  • Medical Screening – Before starting with the surrogacy process it is important to know the body condition of the surrogate mother. She will be the one to give birth to the intended parents’ baby, and for this reason, her health is important to focus on. For this the doctor may take many medical tests and ultrasounds.
  • Medical Counseling – Once it is decided that the surrogate has no problem and is the perfect match for the intended parents; then the need for counselling for the intended parents come. To psychologically prepare their mind the intended parents need counselling sessions.
  • Stimulation Process – The third step of surrogacy in Georgia is to give a stimulation injection or medicines to the intended mother. This is for her eggs’ growth and increase in strength.
  • Collection of the gametes – After stimulation the next step is to collect the gametes of the intended parents. Eggs are collected from the intended mother during her ovulation period while the semen sample is easily collected anytime.
  • Fertilization Process – When both parents’ gametes are collected, doctors would start the fertilization process. Fertilizing the egg with sperm in a Petri dish or a test tube, when the embryo forms experts have to observe it for some days.
  • Embryo Implantation – After embryo formation next is the step of inserting the embryo into the female uterus. This step is for the surrogate mother. The embryo is inserted through her vaginal opening.
  • Result – Once the positive result of pregnancy comes, the intended parents have to take care of the surrogate mother. If the pregnancy has some issues then a caesarean delivery will be performed.

What Makes Georgia An Ideal Destination For Surrogacy?

Cost Of Surrogacy in Georgia 2020

Infertile couples who want to complete their family with their own embryo or want the kid to be biologically related to at least one of the parents can opt for surrogacy in Georgia.

If you have experienced failure with the other fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF, then surrogacy is the next best option in your pursuit of parenthood. Georgia is gaining popularity as the best destination for getting surrogacy services due to availability of healthy surrogates, best egg donors, comparatively lenient laws, and top-grade infrastructural facilities.

Fertility Centre Georgia has professional IVF specialists and expert embryologists who fervently perform various fertility treatments. Our low-cost is the major attraction that captures the attention of childless couples from all parts of the world. We also offer customized package for surrogacy treatment that are specially curate to accommodate the unique requirements of the patient.

Couples who are dealing with the issue of infertility and searching for the best fertility clinic to get surrogacy services where the cost of surrogacy in Georgia is economical, then Fertility Centre Georgia is the right place for you as we are famous for providing surrogacy services at a relatively lower cost. Our fertility experts are adept at effectively executing the whole process of surrogacy with ease and precision.

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia is the primary reason why there is a noticeable increase in the number of international patients choosing Georgia for surrogacy. The cost for surrogacy treatment in Georgia is much lower than the cost of surrogacy in other developed nations like US, US, Australia, and other western countries under the top-notch surrogacy clinics of Fertility Centre Georgia.

What Is The Cost Of Surrogacy In Georgia?

The Surrogacy Cost in Georgia at the best surrogacy centre in Georgia is between USD 42,000 to USD 46,000 that varies in accordance with the specific needs of the patients. The final cost is comprised of various factors such as the method they choose for surrogacy (IVF, ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, PGD, etc.), the condition of the patients, and the cost of the doctors selected to perform the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia is an amalgamation of the different steps that take place in the surrogacy treatment at Fertility Centre Georgia such as process of surrogacy, the cost of IVF treatment, the cost of donor eggs (if required), and the cost of other relevant procedures. This is the most sensible rate you can get for surrogacy in Georgia. Also, our success rates are significantly higher if compared to that of developed countries. Our fertility specialists utilize modern technology and equipment to perform the several fertility treatments and ensure to give great results to the barren couple undergoing the treatment.

Surrogacy Procedure

Cost in USD


42,000 to 46,000

Surrogacy with donor eggs

46,000 to 52,000

Surrogacy with donor sperm

44,500 to 49,000

Surrogacy in three attempts

50,000 to 60,000

Donor Eggs

4,000 to 6,000

Donor Sperm

2,500 to 3,000

Normal Delivery

6,000 to 8,000

Caesarean Delivery

10,000 to 13,000

What are the factors that affect the surrogacy cost in Georgia?

Surrogacy has many steps in it and each step has some factors that can increase or decrease the cost of surrogacy in Georgia. Cheap surrogacy in Georgia is usually preferred but when the factors increase the surrogacy cost in Tbilisi Georgia nobody likes it. 

 That is why to get the low cost let’s learn the factors affecting the surrogacy cost in Georgia:

  • Costly Tests and Medicines – The medical screening of the surrogate mother, stimulation injection and all those medicines that the intended parents or surrogate has to take can cost a large amount which in turn can raise your surrogacy cost Georgia.
  • Many Sessions of Counseling – Not every couple can prepare their minds after one or two counselling sessions. Sometimes some couples may need more sessions or from some other consultant. This is a wise decision of the couples if they decide they need a different consultant yet this can increase the low cost of surrogacy in Georgia.   
  • Attorney Payment – Surrogacy’s legal process is always followed by an agreement that is made with a professional’s help, a professional who is a lawyer. An experienced lawyer would take a higher payment, which will raise your surrogacy cost in Georgia.
  • Donor Eggs or Sperm – Infertility has become a normal occasion among couples nowadays. This is why the suggestion of donor eggs and sperm is done by doctors. If the intended couple’s eggs or sperm are not fertile then the doctors can suggest the use of the donor egg or sperm, which will raise the cost of surrogacy in Georgia.
  • Advanced Treatments – There are many advance treatments to go along with IVF and surrogacy. Intended parents can use those advanced treatments though the surrogacy cost in Georgia will rise according to those treatments.
  • Surrogate Compensation – Georgia follows both altruistic surrogacy and commercial surrogacy. Intended parents can have their friends or family member become the surrogate and not pay the compensation.
    In case the intended parents cannot find a surrogate they would need Fertility Centre Georgia help. This leaves the intended parents to pay compensation to that surrogate. This is known as the surrogate cost Georgia.
  • Antenatal and Post-partum Care – Intended parents must take care of the surrogate mother. She will be carrying the baby for nine month. And would delivery and go through post-partum.
    This is one of the rights of the surrogate mother. On the other hand, for intended parents this is the cost of a surrogate in Georgia.
  • Delivery Charges – A normal delivery’s cost is not as high as a caesarean delivery’s. Surrogacy cost in Georgia is affected by the delivery too.
cost of surrogacy in georgia 2020

We understand the package of surrogacy for some couples would not be that easy to pay at once, hence there are some clinics that offer different modes of payment –

  • The first mode of payment, an intended couple can choose is to go for one-time payment and the other option, one can choose is installment basis. During the installment, one can pay 25% of the total Surrogacy Cost in Georgia – this charge is asked to provide by the intended couple when they select the surrogate, and medication of IVF gets started.
  • The second payment is asked to pay by the client when the agreement is signed between the surrogate and the intended couple and then rest of the payment. And then rest of the payment (50%) is done at the time of pregnancy confirmation.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – 

    1. What surrogacy agencies in Georgia people should use?

    Among the numerous surrogacy agency Georgia people should only choose the Fertility Centre Georgia. Fertility Centre Georgia provides you with the best services through its qualified doctors and staff. The peaceful environment here is also a plus point to consider.

    1. What is the surrogate cost in Georgia?

    The surrogate mother cost Georgia is not as high as the surrogacy cost. The couples have to pay the compensation for the healthy diet, accommodation, regular checkups and antenatal and post-partum care costs.

    1. Would a surrogate baby look like the surrogate mother?

    No, a surrogate baby would not look like a surrogate mother. Surrogate babies have the intended parents’ gametes. Being genetically related to the intended parents makes the baby look like the intended parents.

    1. What are the advanced treatments to go with surrogacy in Georgia?

    ICSI(Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IMSI, PGD(Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) and IUI(Intrauterine Insemination) etc. are the advanced treatments to go with surrogacy. Some of the treatments select high-quality sperm to insert into the egg for fertilization. PGD is to check if the embryo has some genetic defects or not. These treatments can raise the cost of surrogacy in Georgia.

    1. What is the success rate of surrogacy in Georgia?

    The success rate of surrogacy in Georgia is higher than 90%. This percentage is affected by the intended couples and surrogate mother’s health. Stress and addictions can harm the health and the success rate.

The Closing Lines –

Surrogacy procedure is one of the highly preferred ART treatments that work well with those couples who have severe fertility issues. At the best clinics under Fertility Centre Georgia, one gets the most healthy and fit surrogate at best Surrogacy Cost in Georgia. Not just this, the intended couple throughout the entire process gets all the advanced amenities and facilities.

Providing the highest success rate, the best surrogacy clinics under Fertility Centre Georgia have come up with the vastly hand-picked option by the couples seeking to have a baby.

Seeking for more information associated with the Surrogacy treatment, its cost procedure and success rate at the best surrogacy centre in Georgia, do contact our support team! We would love to solve your query!