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We at Fertility Centre Georgia work with utmost diligence. As for providing excellent fertility treatment. And every childless couple can have the best. We have experience of over 30 years in the fertility field. Our team and fertility specialists put combined effort into completing the family of infertile couples. So, you can have the best surrogacy in Georgia. 

Surrogacy in Georgia is the best to choose from. Because it is the utmost option for your parenthood. The process is much more successful than other procedures. First of all, you will get the best surrogacy cost Georgia. As it is much more affordable than in other nations. Then, you can know about Georgia surrogacy laws. Because these allow couples to have the method. If you are looking for surrogacy Georgia, then it is the perfect destination. 

The best FERTILITY CENTRE GEORGIA is available. So, you can receive the best surrogacy in Georgia. We provide patients-centric approaches. Thus, you will not face any issues. It’s highly focused on better care and results. And your chances will be much higher.

How does surrogacy in Georgia the best option?

Surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi is the topmost procedure. You cannot have any other method like surrogacy. Because it is the only one. As the intended parents receive their healthy baby in their hands. So, it is the best decision for your parenthood. Because you can also have a baby. And you can start parenting your genetic baby. With it, we are with you throughout the journey. 

Moreover, surrogacy has the best method. It functions with the healthy surrogate mother. As she is willing to help the couple. So, she conceives to deliver their child. Thus, it involves the topmost process. Also, the method requires legality criteria. Thus, you can receive the best procedure.

With it, the cost of surrogacy in Georgia is an attraction point. Because you will not get these affordable charges. Besides, many nations do not offer surrogacy. As they have banned the method. And surrogacy in Georgia is open for every couple. Thus, you can have the best process and outcome. Furthermore, you can know about the detail of Georgia surrogacy laws. These make the methods more smooth and more successful. 

What are the surrogacy laws in Georgia? 

The surrogacy process concerns legalities in every nation. Since, many countries have banned or legalized the method. Thus, you require to confirm them before starting. It helps in achieving the best process. Your procedure can highly become successful. With it, you will not face any other problems. Surrogacy laws are different in every country. As they have various legalities. The following are the Georgia surrogacy laws:

  • Heterosexual couples can choose surrogacy in Georgia. Any couple from any country can have the process. 
  • The intended parents (couple) must be married. Or couples in a cohabiting relationship can also choose. 
  • Cohabiting couples must have a relationship of more than one year. It means de facto couples can have surrogacy in Georgia.
  • LGBTQ couples cannot select Surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi. Because, it is illegal. 
  • Also, gestational surrogacy Georgia is legal. It means the couple's eggs and sperm will use. 
  • Moreover, compensated surrogacy not has any legality. It means your surrogate mother cost Georgia will include. 
  • A single person looking for surrogacy Georgia is not allowed to have the process. 

What is gestational surrogacy in Georgia? 

Gestational surrogacy in Georgia is the legal method. It functions with the topmost procedure. Thus, the couple can have their genetic baby. Since it performs with a couple’s eggs and sperm. As these fertilize under observation. Then, it transfers into the surrogate mother's womb. So, she can conceive and deliver your baby. With it, the process can have other methods as well. Because your severe conditions can assist. 

Moreover, Georgia surrogacy cost is much more affordable. Since, the gestational surrogacy Georgia performs. It has a high chance of better results. And the failure changes are fewer. Thus, you can receive a better outcome. Further, the best fertility centre in Georgia has top approaches. Also, they use advanced technologies. These help in achieving the best method.

What has compensated surrogacy in Georgia?

Surrogacy in Georgia includes compensation. It is the monetary benefit for the surrogate mother in Georgia. As she is helping the couple in becoming parents. The surrogate mother will conceive and deliver the baby. And the period must be for nine months. Thus, the intended parents require paying for the surrogate mother. 

It includes the surrogate cost Georgia. As the compensation can include a great amount. With it, the surrogate mother cost Georgia can have other accommodations. These are necessities of the surrogate during pregnancy. Because these will help in improving the child’s health. So, your surrogacy in Georgia cost will include it. Further, your process requires a healthy surrogate in Tbilisi Georgia. You can find a healthy surrogate on your own. Or you can have the surrogate agencies in Georgia. 

How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia, Tbilisi? 

The cost of surrogacy in Georgia is much more affordable. It is lower than in many developed nations. Thus, Georgia surrogacy cost is the attraction point. It is the best charge for every couple looking for surrogacy. It includes every stage necessary in the process. The basic charges are high in the budget. Also, it has the surrogate mother charges.

The surrogacy packages in Georgia

Charges (in USD)

Surrogacy cost in Georgia with self gametes

USD 40,000 to USD 44,000

Guaranteed surrogacy in Georgia 

USD 60,000 to USD 65,000

Surrogacy cost with donor eggs

USD 50,000 to USD 54,000

Surrogacy cost with several IVF tries

USD 51,000 to USD 55,000

 Well, surrogacy is an expensive process in every country. But a few nations have some reasonable charges. It helps in having an affordable budget. The surrogacy cost Georgia can be suitable. As you can choose the best surrogacy clinic in Georgia. They have top assistance for the best charges. So, every intended parent can have the best method. 

Your cost of surrogacy Georgia depends on various factors. As it is not the same for every couple. The basic process ranges from USD 40,000 to USD 44,000. But various factors can affect the charges. Because several procedures have high expenses. And these affect the couple's budget. Because their issues require an assistant.

The surrogacy cost in Georgia in different areas:

Surrogacy areas in Georgia

Charges in USD

Surrogacy cost in Tbilisi

USD 40,000 to USD 44,000

The Surrogacy cost in Kutaisi

USD 40,100 to USD 44,050

Surrogacy cost in Batumi

USD 40,050 to USD 44,090

The Surrogacy cost in Sokhumi

USD 40,150 to USD 44,020

Surrogacy cost in Zugdidi

USD 40,200 to USD 44,000

Surrogacy cost in Rust'avi

USD 40,070 to USD 44,060

The Surrogacy cost in P'ot'i

USD 40,090 to USD 44,050

Surrogacy cost in Gori

USD 40,120 to USD 44,000

The Surrogacy cost in Ts'khinvali

USD 40,100 to USD 44,000

Surrogacy cost in Samtredia

USD 40,000 to USD 44,000

The Surrogacy cost in Khashuri 

USD 40,050 to USD 44,090

Surrogacy cost in Senak'i             

USD 40,150 to USD 44,020

The Surrogacy cost in Stantsiya Novyy Afon

USD 40,200 to USD 44,000

Surrogacy cost in Zestap'oni

USD 40,070 to USD 44,060

The Surrogacy cost in Telavi

USD 40,090 to USD 44,050

 What is the surrogate mother cost in Georgia? And how to choose? 

The surrogate cost Georgia is much more suitable. And it helps in surrogacy in Georgia Europe. Thus, you can receive the best method. Your cost of a surrogate in Georgia includes different charges. Because she is offering her womb for nine months. And she also suffers all pregnancy-related problems. Thus, the intended parents have to fulfil all needs. It also supports their resulting child’s health. The Surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi cost will include the surrogate charges. 

First, you will provide the surrogate mother compensation. Then, it can also include other needs and accommodations. As the couple can provide other facilities. So, the surrogate mother does not face any complications. These can be her advanced diet, lodging, travelling, and other needs. 

How to choose? 

The surrogacy Georgia, Tbilisi review is the best. As intended parents comfortably have their procedure. Because they can choose the best surrogacy clinic in Georgia Europe. With it, they also get guaranteed surrogacy Georgia. And the surrogate mother's availability is easy. Many educated women are ready to become a surrogate in Georgia. As they want to help infertile couples. Through it, they can also earn some livelihood. So, it is fruitful for both parties. 

But, you can face problems in having the perfect surrogate. As the process requires a healthy woman. Moreover, intended parents have to check different details. So, they can successfully identify the perfect surrogate match. And the process does not face any problems. But it may be difficult. Thus, the Georgia surrogacy agency is the right option. Because they have top databases of surrogates. With it, they maintain their wider information. So, any couple does not face any issues. It also helps in the surrogacy Georgia price. Thus, you can pick the best surrogacy agency Georgia. 

How does surrogacy in Georgia work?

Surrogacy in Georgia is the best. As it involves the topmost process. So, the couple can have their healthy baby in their hands. It functions with advanced procedures and assistance. Thus, the couple can receive the top outcome. Moreover, your method will function with high observation. It involves legal formalities. As the contract form between the couple and surrogate. It is by the top lawyer. Since the contract has different regulations and rights. With it, you have to find a surrogate mother in Georgia. It can be yourself or with the centre's help. 

The following are the stages in your surrogacy in Georgia:
01.)            Surrogate mother:

You require choosing the perfect surrogate mother. As many women are available. They are ready to become a surrogate in Georgia. But before choosing, you have confirmed different details. Since it can affect the conception chances. Also, it can cause the problem in the resulting child’s health. Thus, you have to be sure before starting. With it, you can have assistance through any agency. Because, they have the top assistance. Thus, every patient receives the best method. 

02.)            Checkups:

Then, the expert will perform various tests. These help in knowing your gametes health. It confirms the egg and sperm status for the process. Because, any issue can cause problems. With it, the surrogate mother's health will check. The expert performs different tests. It confirms her fertility and physical and psychological status. So, the process does not face any issues. And it will help in knowing her ability to conceive as well. 

03.)            Agreement:

Your process will have a legal contract. Because it is the necessary step. Thus, the couple does not face any issues. It involves an experienced surrogacy lawyer. As they form the agreement. It is between the surrogate and intended parents. Thus, the surrogate mother does not cause any issues. As it has her right over the pregnancy and child after birth. 

04.)            Counselling:

The top counsellors help the couple. As they provide top sessions. These help with high stress and confusion. Because they will clarify all problems. It helps in achieving the best process. Because your psychological status will not affect you. With it, the surrogate mother can also have the session. Thus, she can know about the process previously.  

05.)            Ovulation Induction:

Then, the process for pregnancy will start. It will require healthy eggs and sperm. Thus, the female (intended mother) ovaries will stimulate. It functions with fertility medications. These are some medicines advice by the expert. So, the female ovarian function can increase. And it will help in releasing high-quality eggs. It also has multiple mature eggs. Then, the hormonal injection will use. It helps in releasing the eggs into the uterus. Thus, the process can become much easier. 

06.)            Gametes retrieval:

Your process will involve egg and sperm retrieval. It will collect by your expert. As they will use advanced technologies. First, the female eggs will retrieve. It involves catheter and transvaginal use. So the device will insert from the uterus. Then, a thin needle will use. As the eggs will aspirate from the follicles. With it, the healthy sperm will collect. It will gather from the male partner (intended father). And the expert will separate the top sperm.

07.)            Fertilization:

After retrieval, your eggs and sperm will mix. It will help in the insemination. Thus, the process can have top-fertilized eggs. So, it also performs by the expert. As they place the eggs and sperm on a Petri plate. Then, they mix both gametes. So, the sperm can enter into eggs. And it can form fertilized eggs. Or the advanced process can function. It will help in successfully fertilizing the eggs and sperm.

08.)            Transfer:

The fertilized eggs will transfer into the surrogate womb. So before it, the surrogate uterus can prepare. It involves hormonal medications. The expert will monitor the fertilized eggs. So, they can check the fertilized egg growth. It will help them choose the best embryos. Then, it will place in the catheter. And the device will insert into the surrogate uterus. It will help in placing the fertilized eggs into the uterine lining. 

09.)            Pregnancy and care:

The conception results will confirm. As the surrogate mother pregnancy will check. It will perform with a surrogate blood test. The pregnancy test performs after two weeks. Because, the fertilized eggs take time in sticking into the lining. Then, the intended parents will provide high care. It helps in better pregnancy. So, it will include the proper diet. With it, regular checkups are necessary. This helps in confirming the status. And other needs can provide to the surrogate mother for nine months.

10.)            Delivery:

The surrogate mother will give birth to the child. It will take nine months for a healthy pregnancy. And no complication will require the normal delivery. Or any health complication can lead to c-type delivery. It has an invasive procedure. And it also increases the process charges. 

Fertility Centre Georgia

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How does Fertility Centre Georgia help you in your quest to parenthood?

Infertility is a growing problem that has affected people all around the world. We always had a preconceived notion that women are solely responsible for the couple’s inability to conceive. While it has been found that in many cases men are equally responsible for infertility and sometimes the major cause of infertility is the male factor infertility; about one third of all the infertility cases are attributed to men.

Technology has made various things possible for the humankind and getting pregnant even after failing to conceive naturally is one of them. ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) emerged as a solution to battle the problem of infertility and bless the infertile couples with their own offspring.

 ART techniques are implemented when the couple is diagnosed with infertility and are willing to go the technical way of conceiving the child. It is evident that the assistance of brilliant fertility doctors is needed in your mission to getting pregnant with assisted reproductive technology.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we are associated with well-known fertility experts renowned for giving the best fertility treatment to the patients who have lost all hope of enjoying parenthood. Our fertility specialists cautiously evaluate the patient’s condition with the aim of providing the perfect treatment without unnecessarily exaggerating the facts.

If you invest your time and money in our fertility clinic in Georgia, you can rest assured to experience the world-class treatment with a high probability of achieving success in your fertility treatment. Our doctors will succinctly explain the various fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. and accordingly, provide treatment to accommodate your unique fertility requirements.

Our Fertility Treatments


IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the most popular ART technique in which the fertilization occurs outside the woman’s body, that is, in a laboratory. The eggs and the sperms are fused together to achieve fertilization and form an embryo. This embryo is implanted into the woman’s uterus and after some days pregnancy occurs.


IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a fertility technique where a woman is artificially inseminated with the male’s sperm. It is a basic method of achieving pregnancy in which the woman is given fertility drugs to induce ovulation induction. Once her ovulation cycle starts, the doctor injects the sperm into her uterus to facilitate pregnancy.


ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is an advanced type of IVF that is utilized in severe cases male factor infertility such as low-quality sperms, low sperm count, abnormally shaped sperm, etc. In ICSI treatment, a single high-motility sperm cell is directly inserted into the woman’s uterus by the doctor using a hollow needle.


Surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries pregnancy for another couple and delivers the baby to them when the time comes. The infertile women, who are incapable of carrying a pregnancy to term, can avail the services of a surrogate mother who would carry the baby for nine months in her womb.


IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection) treatment is an extended version of ICSI done to accurately assess the morphology of a sperm. A microscope with a magnification lens of 6000x is used to reveal the smallest abnormalities in the sperm, which helps the doctor in choosing the best quality sperm for injecting into the uterus.


PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) is an advanced method in which one or more cells are taken out from the embryos in order to analyze them for genetic disorders and chromosome abnormalities. This diagnosis helps in ensuring that the embryo are free from any genetic disease and are perfect for implantation into the uterus.


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Success Rate


Happy Couple


Years Experience

Success Rate According To Treatment

Surrogacy Success Rate


IVF Success Rate


IVF With Egg Donor


ICSI Success Rate


IUI Success Rate


What makes Fertility Centre Georgia the best?

A lot of couples are dealing with the issue of infertility in spite of having a fulfilling sexual life. Oftentimes infertility is treatable with fertility medication and minor surgical treatments, but sometimes the complex condition of infertility calls for advanced medical facilities with the aid of certified medical experts. The fertility specialists at Fertility Centre Georgia may advice you to go for various fertility treatments that come under the vicinity of assisted reproductive technique.

Fertility Centre Georgia is the best fertility clinic in Georgia that provides advanced fertility treatments to their patients. We have the latest technology, sophisticated equipments, world-class infrastructure, and provide quality services, which are affordable, authentic, and efficacious. It is imperative that you choose a fertility clinic that promises you higher chances of success in your fertility treatment as the failure in the fertility treatment can generate an overwhelming stream of emotions that is hard to deal with.

Below are some advantages of choosing us for your fertility treatment:

Superlative Technology and Equipments:

The foremost reason why couples across the globe choose us for their fertility treatment is that we use latest technology and advanced equipments to operate our patients. Our experts utilize cutting-edge medical instruments, latest radiology equipment, and high-tech devices to effectively execute the treatment that complies with the patient’s infertility case. The fertility doctors keep abreast of all the technological advancements and incorporate the latest techniques in their treatment method. All kinds of fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, laparoscopic surgery, etc., are performed using the state-of-the-art medical equipments.

Highly Qualified Fertility Experts:

Fertility doctors and the team at the fertility clinic in Georgia conduct several fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, and ICSI with effectiveness and precision. Our experts have more than 30 years of experience in solving the most intricate cases of infertility and deliver success to the patients in their fertility treatments. We have the greatest pool of certified gynaecologists, IVF specialists, embryologists, and other clinical staff who give comprehensive treatment and care to the patients at every step of their treatment. We put all our efforts in ensuring that you get the best fertility treatment and go home with a baby.

Tremendous Infrastructure and Facilities:

Our patients receive all the amenities one could wish in a top-notch hospital at a reasonable price. Besides a comfortable infrastructure, all the tests and surgeries such as medical tests, ultrasounds, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy are done under a single roof so you don’t have to the bear the strain of travelling from one place to another for various treatments. Our chief aim is to provide high-quality fertility in a transparent and authentic manner. We maintain proper hygiene in every area of our hospital.

Services that harmonize with the international standards:

Our patients avail the services at par with international standards. We are well-known for providing treatments that complies with international methods at an affordable price. This is the reason why patients from all parts of the world choose Georgia for their fertility treatment. We make sure to give our patients the first-rate treatment so that they can have a pleasant treatment experience. You do not have to pay any additional charges for receiving outstanding services.

Comparatively High Success Rates:

The success rate of Fertility Centre Georgia is higher in comparison to the other countries of Asia. The basic factor to keep in mind while choosing a fertility clinic is the number of successful fertility treatments provided by them, otherwise why you would receive treatment at a place that does not provide desired outcomes to the patients. Along with maintaining the reputation of providing fertility treatments with high success rates, we do not compromise on values, ethics, and morality. The significant increase in  success rates of fertility treatments provided by Georgia over the past few years is the reason behind people choosing fertility clinic in Georgia for their treatment.

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