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What is the Cost of Azoospermia in Georgia 2021?

What is Azoospermia?

Azoospermia is a condition that most of the men deal with, and is a situation where the semen produced by men through ejaculation does not have sufficient amount of sperm. Out of all the male-factor infertility cases, 5-10% cases of infertility are due to azoospermia. There are various reasons for the condition of azoospermia such as low sperm production, impediment in the male reproductive tract, etc. We at Fertility Centre Georgia, provide the highest quality treatment at a reasonable azoospermia treatment cost in Georgia.

The treatment of azoospermia requires a detailed inspection of the patient concerned by reviewing his medical history or other previous medical reproductive problems. In addition to the medical evaluation, the patient is also evaluated for his lifestyle and several habits, which is done by the physical examination of the patient. Also, his semen samples are also examined and if there no sperms found in the sample, then the sample have to be further analyzed in order to find out the small amounts of sperm concentrated at the bottom of the sample. If the doctor finds even a single sperm in the semen sample, then the patient can said to be suffering from azoospermia owing to the blockage in the reproductive tract.

Fertility Centre Georgia has the best fertility doctors with over 15 years of experience in effectively diagnosing and treating the cause of male factor infertility. They employ latest surgical equipments and state-of-the-art technology to perform various fertility treatments on their patients. Our doctors are adept at accurately finding out the cause of infertility in men and provide appropriate treatment accordingly. All of the services are given at an affordable azoospermia cost in Georgia. We never compromise on the quality of the treatment just because we charge reasonably for the same.

Types of Azoospermia

  • Testicular Azoospermia: Testicular azoospermia is diagnosed when the fertility tests of a man are positive but still there are no sperms found in his semen sample. While it hard to state the definite cause behind the absence of sperms but it can be due to genetic issues or congenital problems, major traumatic surgery, radiation, acute infection, cancer, etc.
  • Pretesticular Azoospermia: In this type of azoospermia the male has perfect reproductive tract but has inadequate stimulation due to low level of FSH (follicle stimulation hormone).  This hormonal imbalance occurs due to abnormalities in the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.
  • Post testicular Azoospermia: In this, testicles produce adequate sperms but the sperms are not there in the ejaculated semen. The major reason behind this can be the obstruction of the male post testicular genital tracts, vasectomy, and retrograde ejaculation. This type of azoospermia is found in 45-50% of infertile men dealing with this condition
  • Idiopathic Azoospermia: Idiopathic azoospermia is when it is almost impossible to detect the cause of the condition of azoospermia in men. However, the reason can be the lifestyle, age, health, etc. of the man having azoospermia.

Who should go for Azoospermia?

If the male is unable to conceive a child due to his low or no sperm count, which is found after the semen analysis can said to be affected with azoospermia and needs an azoospermia treatment at the best azoospermia treatment cost in Georgia.

Below are some other symptoms indicating the need for azoospermia treatment in Gerogia.

  • Abnormally shaped sperm
  • Different color of the semen such as yellowish, greenish,  or reddish
  • Low quantity of semen
  • Strong and strange smell of the ejaculated semen
  • Abnormal sperm consistency

How is Azoospermia treatment performed?

Fertility Centre Georgia provides the best treatment at an affordable azoospermia treatment cost in Georgia. We have highly experienced fertility experts who accurately diagnose the cause of infertility in men and provide appropriate treatment.

When a man is unable to make sufficient amount of sperms or when his sperm count is so low that it is hard to find out even a single sperm in his semen fluid, then he is suffering from azoospermia. If the potential cause of azoospermia is the blockage in the reproductive tract of the man, then it is called obstructive azoospermia and if there are issues with sperm production, then it is termed as non-obstructive azoospermia.

There are various advanced fertility treatments to deal with the condition of azoospermia in men. In case of obstructive azoospermia, there are various surgical sperm retrieval procedures that can be used. Different sperm retrieval techniques allow the doctor to extract sperm from the male reproductive tract and are often performed when the patient has blocked sperm ducts. In the SSR process, sperms are retrieved from the epididymis with the help of a hollow needle. The obtained sperm is then used for other advanced fertility treatment techniques such as IVF, IVF with ICSI, IMSI, etc.

Another SSR technique is PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) in which a needle is inserted into the epididymis via scrotum for collecting a small quantity of sperm. Apart from that, MESA (Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) is a more advanced and intrusive technique microsurgical techniques are employed to extract the sperm from the epididiymis.

Cost of Azoospermia in Georgia
Cost of Azoospermia in Georgia

We perform all of the advanced surgical techniques at the most acceptable azoospermia cost in Georgia. Our surgeons use state-of-the-art equipments and latest surgical methods to perform the various male fertility treatments in Georgia.

Appropriate cost of Azoospermia in Georgia

The cost of azoospermia in Georgia is between $700 to $900 wherein the cost of all the relevant procedures is covered. We provide the highest quality azoospermia treatment at an acceptable price; we do not overcharge our patients and provide them the finest quality treatment. In addition to low cost, we provide top-class infrastructural facilities and amenities to our patients. We make sure that they receive all their tests and treatments at a single place, and do not wander place to place for receiving different treatment procedures. We have the highest success rates for all kinds of male factor infertility treatment in Georgia and provide the treatment at a sensible azoospermia cost in Georgia. Also, we make sure you receive the first-rate treatment and go home with a kid in your lap. Our team won’t rest until it is assured that you have received success in your fertility treatment.

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