Cost of Embryo Donor in Georgia

How Much is the Cost of Embryo Donor in Georgia 2021?

Embryo donor is a person that hands over their embryos to another person or infertile couple in need. Sometimes it happens that the embryos produced in IVF technique are kept frozen for a later use. During IVF, woman is given enough fertility medication so that she could produce substantial quantity of eggs, which is why more than one embryo is formed for confirming the chances of pregnancy. These embryos can be donated to some other person or couple in the process of embryo donation. The cost of embryo donor in Georgia is highly affordable to the patients looking for the best fertility centre for embryo donation in Georgia.

Infertile couples who are dealing with the issue of infertility and are seeking a fertility treatment, getting the services of an embryo donor can prove to be the best affordable option. The chances of achieving conception with the help of donor embryo are slightly higher in comparison to other fertility treatments. The embryo or embryos received from a donor are transferred inside the recipient’s uterus to encourage pregnancy. However, the child born after the completion of the whole process is considered to be the child of the mother who gave birth and not the embryo donor. Most often embryo donor is a woman who has successfully conceived one or more times before and is now opting to donate her remaining embryos embryo to some other couple.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have a huge repository of the healthy and reasonable embryo donor profiles cost in Georgia. Our embryo donors are healthy and have a track of carrying and delivering at least one successful pregnancy to term using their embryos. Also, we have highly qualified fertility doctors and embryologists who work efficiently to provide favorable outcomes in the fertility treatment of the patient. We provide the best amenities and facilities to our patients at an affordable price. Our experts use sophisticated equipment and advanced technology while operating their patient’s for various fertility treatments.

Who should use the services of an Embryo Donor?

Choosing a fertility treatment with the aid of an embryo donor is one of the best options for couples looking for an effective method to attain pregnancy. The couple who has produced more than one embryo can choose to keep their embryos frozen for a later use or can donate the same to a barren couple. We provide an economical embryo donor cost in Georgia in combination with the services of adroit embryologists and fertility experts.

Embryo donor is a suitable option in following cases:

  • Couples who are not able to make healthy eggs or sperms
  • Single woman with unhealthy eggs
  • Couples who had failure with other fertility treatments
  • Women with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Women with premature ovarian failure
  • Women having dysfunctional ovaries
  • In case of ineffective gamete production
  • Couples having genetic disorders

Process of Embryo Donor in Georgia

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have certified embryologists and fertility experts who work diligently to provide the finest qualify fertility treatment to the patients. We offer the most sensible embryo donor cost in Georgia along with the services of highly experienced fertility experts.

The process of the embryo donor is similar to the traditional IVF method, the only difference is in the second phase of the treatment where the embryo is transferred into the womb of a female recipient. Before beginning the main process, the embryos received from the donor couple is evaluated for their quality and different tests are done on them to make sure they do not have any chromosomal abnormalities and are not affected with any genetic disease. Our doctors also make patients acquainted with the process of embryo donation and inform to them about the risks associated with the process.

Once the embryos are obtained from the IVF process, they are stored and kept for a later use. The embryos are then thawed for implantation into the recipient’s womb. Then, a procedure called embryo transfer is executed in which the donor embryo is placed inside the uterus of the female. Within a period of 10-14 days, some tests and ultrasounds are done on the female to confirm pregnancy.

Cost of Embryo Donor in Georgia
Cost of Embryo Donor in Georgia

Low Cost of Embryo Donor in Georgia

The cost of embryo donor in Georgia is dependent upon various factors such as the age of patient, their medical history and the severity of their condition. Fertility Centre Georgia provides you the most affordable price for embryo donor profiles cost in Georgia. The treatment package is formed after taking into account the cost of all the relevant procedures and we do not compromise on the quality of the treatment. We have the best embryologists and fertility specialists who provide their services at a reasonable embryo donor cost in Georgia. Apart from the low-cost of the treatment, our success rates for various fertility treatment is higher in comparison to the fertility clinics of developed nations, that’s why patients from all around the world pick Georgia for their fertility tourism.

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