Intrauterine Insemination in Georgia – How Much Does IUI Cost in Georgia

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a simple and the most conventionally used ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method where sperms are located inside the uterus of a woman with the help of a catheter while she is ovulating. During the treatment, millions of sperms are used for insemination so that more sperms could reach the fallopian tube, which helps in increasing the chances of conception. The cost of IUI in Georgia is least expensive and patients can get an effective IUI treatment with the aid of highly qualified fertility experts.

IUI is usually performed in combination with various fertility medications. You can also take the help of a donor sperm if the male partner is incapable of producing quality sperms. Before undergoing IUI, various lab tests are done on the woman to gauge any hormonal imbalances, infection or other reproductive problems. IUI treatment gives an upper hand to the sperm by providing viable means of penetrating the egg. However, the sperm still has to carry out the task of reaching and fertilizing an egg by itself.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have certified fertility doctors who carefully analyze the patient’s condition and take them through the process of artificial insemination. Our fertility specialists have decades of experience in providing successful IUI treatments to the patients. They use state-of-the-art instruments to perform the various fertility treatments and put all their efforts in confirming that you receive success in your fertility treatment. We offer the most affordable IUI treatment cost in Georgia for couples who are not willing to spend much on several fertility treatments.

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Overview of the IUI treatment process in Georgia

IUI Cost in Georgia 2020

Before beginning the IUI treatment at Fertility Centre Georgia, initially, the doctors perform various lab tests on the woman to confirm whether her ovulation cycle has occurred or not. If the results are negative, then she will be given HCG hormone injection to induce her ovulation cycle. Once she begins to ovulate and a rise in LH hormone is noticed, then the doctor commences the IUI treatment process.

Once it is confirmed that she is ovulating, the next step is to ask the male partner to hand out his semen sample. After obtaining the semen sample, the sperms are thawed and the high quality sperms are segregated from the low quality ineffective sperms.

The main purpose is to choose the high motility sperms with the expectation that one of them would efficiently permeate the egg. Therefore, the selected sperm is directly inserted into the uterus of the woman with the help of a hollow needle to encourage fertilization. The substantial quantity of sperms placed assures higher possibility of conception to the couples.

We have highly skilled fertility experts who provide this treatment at the most acceptable IUI treatment cost in Georgia that includes the charges of all the relevant steps that take place during the treatment and we do not charge anything apart from the fixed charges. That’s why patients across the globe choose Georgia for their fertility tourism.

Who should go for IUI in Georgia

IUI treatment helps in treating various conditions caused due to the male and female factor infertility but is commonly used in case of male factor infertility when the male counterpart is unable to produce high motility sperms, which are not motile enough to penetrate the egg. Also, the cost of IUI in Georgia is specially curated to make the treatment affordable to all the infertile couples irrespective of their social status.

However, IUI treatment is recommended in the following situations as well:

  • When a couple cannot have sexual intercourse due to various physical disabilities
  • When a woman is infected with several reproductive or uterine issues that won’t let her get pregnant naturally
  • When a woman wants to experience parenthood with the aid of a sperm donor
  • In case of unexplained infertility, when the cause behind infertility is undetectable
  • When a man makes low motility sperm or when his sperm is count is very low
  • Same sex couples who want to have a child or single or unmarried women who wish to become a mother
  • Men with erectile dysfunction
  • Women with cervical mucus where the mucus in the uterus makes it hard for the sperm to reach fallopian tube
  • If one of the couples has some serious health disease and need special assistance in order to achieve pregnancy

Choose Georgia to get a modestly priced IUI cost in Georgia

IUI Cost in Georgia 2020

IUI cost in Georgia differs in accordance with the patient’s specific case and to address the particular needs of the patients. However, the estimated cost of IUI in Georgia is $400, which involves the charges of all the crucial steps that take place in the IUI treatment. The customized package incorporates the cost of fertility medication, various lab tests, ultrasounds, the cost of the doctor, etc. Apart from this, we will never ask you to give us additional charges at any time during the treatment.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, our fertility experts carefully examine the condition of the patient and subsequently make a customized treatment plan, accommodating their specific requirements. Our sensible price is the reason that captures the attention of international patients and compels them to choose Georgia for their medical tourism. In addition to the acceptable cost, we are known for delivering high success rates in the different fertility treatments. The aforementioned IUI treatment cost in Georgia is the best price you can get for IUI along with the services of adroit fertility experts.