Where can you find Surrogate Mother in Georgia?

Surrogacy is a popular ART (assisted reproductive technology) method used to address the issue of infertility. In the surrogacy treatment procedure, a woman known as surrogate mother carries pregnancy to term for another couple and delivers the baby in due time. Surrogacy is the most widely used ART technique as compared to IVF, ICSI, PICSI and IMSI, as it provides the privilege of having a genetically related child. Georgia provides the best Surrogate Mother Cost in Georgia to couples who wish to undergo the surrogacy treatment.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, our fertility specialists perform surrogacy via both traditional and gestational method. We have a team of well-trained fertility doctors having adequate experience in effectively performing the surrogacy treatment procedure. They incorporate advance techniques in their treatment method and keep abreast with all the technological advancements taking place in the area of surrogacy.

In traditional method of surrogacy, surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the male partner’s sperm, and then pregnancy occurs naturally. It is a less common technique of surrogacy as it doesn’t give the benefit of having genetic ties with the kid. However, the father gets biologically related to child because the surrogate gets inseminated with his sperm.

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Whereas in gestational surrogacy, IVF treatment is utilized to achieve pregnancy, where the eggs and sperms of the intended parents are mixed together in a lab with the aim of attaining fertilization. This mixture gets converted into an embryo within a period of 3-5 days, and then the services of a surrogate mother are needed. The formed embryo gets transferred into the uterus of the surrogate with the aid of embryo transfer. It is the most commonly used surrogacy method because it is more legally accepted and the baby gets genetically related to the parents.

Regardless of the method you choose for surrogacy, we provide finest quality treatment to the intended parents and they can choose the best Surrogate Mother in Georgia from our massive repository. The fertility specialists in Georgia make the time-consuming surrogacy treatment a hassle-free experience for the patients. We provide extensive assistance and emotional support in completing your family and fulfilling your dream of enjoying parenthood.

Things to bear in mind while choosing a Surrogate Mother in Georgia

Surrogate Mother Cost in Georgia 2020

Searching for a suitable surrogate mother can be a challenging task, especially when you are not acquainted with the process of surrogacy and the best fertility centre for surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy treatment process requires you to invest a substantial amount of time and money and therefore it is crucial to choose a fertility clinic that is known for producing desirable outcomes. Whether you choose traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy, Fertility Centre Georgia cooperates closely with you during the process of surrogacy treatment in Georgia.

We inform our patients about all the necessary steps of the treatment and are always there to respond to their queries. Also, we present to our patients profiles of healthy surrogates so that they can find a suitable match for themselves. You can also choose to meet them personally in order to evaluate their suitability for the procedure. We make sure that they have sound physical and mental health and have a previous record of delivering at least a one healthy kid. Besides the availability of fertile surrogate mothers, our medical experts conduct the treatment with the aid of advance surgical equipments and employ state-of-the-art techniques.

Criteria for selecting a Surrogate Mother in Georgia

Before selecting a surrogate mother, there are various things that you should take into account to assess the eligibility of a woman in order to finalize her as your surrogate for the surrogacy treatment. Some of these considerations involve pre-medical screening, medical diagnoses to analyze her physical health, psychological health, etc.

Apart from the above considerations, below are some important factors determining the eligibility of a woman as a surrogate mother:

  • She should not have a serious health issue and should be in sound health
  • She should have a great reproductive health and should not have issues with her reproductive system
  • She should age between 21-39 years at the time of the treatment
  • She should not have bad habits like alcohol or smoking, or should not have a previous history of any kind of addictions
  • She should have a great and alluring personality
  • She should have a healthy weight and a BMI up to 28
  • She should have a history of giving birth to at least to one child and should be well-acquainted with the process of surrogacy
  • She should have a good psychological health, and should not have any kind of mental health issue

Surrogate Mother Cost in Georgia 2020

Finding the most affordable Surrogate Mother Cost in Georgia

Fertility Centre Georgia offers the economical price of the surrogacy treatment in Georgia with the assistance of certified fertility experts. Our fertility specialists perform various fertility treatments using sophisticated equipments and advance surgical method, which in turn ensures fruitful results in the treatment. In addition to the services of highly skilled fertility experts, the infertile couples can avail our services at an affordable price.

The cost of availing the services of a surrogate mother in Georgia ranges somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000, which can go beyond in accordance with the specific requirements of the patients. This is the most affordable surrogate mother cost in Georgia for receiving the assistance of a surrogate mother in Georgia and an efficacious treatment with the assistance of skilled fertility experts.  That’s the reason why patients from all around the world pick Georgia for their fertility treatment. Our success rates for various fertility treatments are substantially higher in comparison to the success rates of other fertility centers in developed countries.