ICSI – The advanced method of conceiving – What is The IVF Treatment Cost in Georgia

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ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an enhanced version of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), performed on women with the aim of encouraging pregnancy. ICSI is usually suggested to barren couples who have had failure with the traditional IVF treatment technique and are searching for an advanced fertility treatment that could help make pregnancy easily attainable. The infertile patients can get the best ICSI cost in Georgia to avail this advanced infertility treatment in Georgia.

During the ICSI treatment, the egg gets directly injected with a single sperm to facilitate healthy fertilization. The ICSI method of achieving conception has shown to produce favourable results to the infertile couples. It is the next best option to couples who have one or more failed IVF cycles and wish to have definite results with higher chances of conception in the next one. ICSI is generally used in severe cases of male-factor infertility; a condition that impairs the ability of a man to produce high quality sperms.

Fertility Centre Georgia has a track record of providing positive results to several couples who have received ICSI treatment at our fertility clinic in Georgia. Our patients are always at the benefit of acquiring the services of skilled fertility experts having over fifteen years of experience in healing the cause of infertility in the patients by suggesting an appropriate treatment to them. We have team members who put concerted efforts to ensure great results in your ICSI treatment. ICSI treatment cost in Georgia is the most sensible price that anyone can offer you for such high-quality treatment with the assistance of certified specialists.

ICSI treatment procedure in Georgia

The process of ICSI treatment is similar to that of IVF, differentiating only on the means by which fertilization is achieved. In the course of ICSI treatment at Fertility Centre Georgia, firstly, fertility medication is given to the woman to make her ovaries produce more fertile eggs in a good quantity. During this time, the condition of her ovaries is monitored via various ultrasounds and tests. After confirming their maturity, the next step involves retrieving the eggs by performing a minor surgery called egg retrieval, where the eggs are obtained from the follicle with the help of a hollow needle.

ICSI Treatment Cost in Georgia 2020

Once the eggs are obtained, it’s time for semen collection in which the male counterpart or a sperm donor is asked to hand out his semen sample. The doctor rejects the poor quality immobile sperm and picks up a single high-quality sperm with the purpose of injecting it to the egg. The embryologist injects the sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg by the assistance of a delicate needle. After some days, fertilization takes place and the embryo is created. The formed embryo is implanted into the uterus of the woman with the help of embryo transfer. Afterward, some other tests and ultrasounds are done on the woman to finalize successful pregnancy.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have a team of qualified fertility experts who provide the aforementioned procedure at the ICSI treatment cost in Georgia. On top of that, our fertility experts put into use the advance surgical equipments to execute the process of ICSI treatment in Georgia. They work with utmost diligence to make sure that you receive a great fertility treatment experience. Our team provides comprehensive care and assistance to the patients who choose us for the treatment.

Getting the best ICSI treatment cost in Georgia

Before finalizing a fertility centre for your treatment, it is important that you do extensive research in order to find the best fertility clinic as it plays a major role in determining the chances of success in your ICSI treatment. Fertility Centre Georgia offers you the best quality ICSI treatment along with an affordable ICSI cost in Georgia, under the auspices of extensively experienced fertility doctors who are well-accustomed to all the latest treatment techniques and incorporate the same when treating their patients.

Apart from a quality treatment, our patients receive the best infrastructural services and amenities at a low price. The lowly priced treatments and the availability of best infrastructural facilities makes us the best option for availing various fertility treatments. The cost of ICSI treatment in Georgia involves all of the mentioned facilities and we do not ask for additional payments to provide various extra services. We make sure to provide our patients the best treatment at a reasonable price without undermining the quality of the treatment. Our success rates for different fertility treatments are substantially higher, which makes us the ideal choice for getting the best fertility treatment in Georgia. We have a team of highly qualified fertility experts known for delivering high chances of conception in the treatment

Deciding on the best fertility centre for ICSI Cost in Georgia

The cost of ICSI in Georgia ranges between $30,000 to $32,000, which may fluctuate in accordance with the patient’s condition and to conform to their unique needs. However, this fixed cost offered by us is the best price range that you can have for ICSI treatment in Georgia. We are widely acknowledged for giving the best ICSI treatment with the assistance of certified medical professionals and fertility experts. Our team put collaborated efforts to make certain that your fertility treatment turn into a success and you go home with a kid.

The cost of the doctor, surgeons, clinical staff, lab tests, surgical processes, ultrasounds, counseling, etc., is covered by the ICSI cost in Georgia offered by us. Once you have made the final payment, you won’t be asked for further charges. Moreover, the success rates of Fertility Centre Georgia are considerably higher when compared to the success rates of developed nations. This is possible due to the substantial expertise and adroitness of fertility specialists at our centre. They won’t rest until it is assured that the fertility treatment has given fruitful results.

ICSI Treatment Cost in Georgia 2020