Where To Find The Best Surrogacy Centre In Georgia?

Fertility Centre Georgia, as the name suggests is a centre in Georgia, Tbilisi for fertility treatment. And because of its best surrogacy services, this centre has come to be known as the best surrogacy centre in Georgia.

Before learning about the best surrogacy centre in Georgia, let’s know more about surrogacy:

Surrogacy is a popular technique of assisted reproductive technology wherein a woman called a surrogate mother, agrees to undertake the task of getting pregnant and deliver the baby to another couple for various financial and altruistic reasons. Her consent to carry out the process and renounce any parental rights on the child is supported by legal agreement between the concerned parties.

Surrogacy as a practice came into existence in early 1980’s when a 37-year old woman successfully delivered a baby boy to another couple. But lately, the surrogacy industry has boomed and people perceive it as the most reliable fertility treatment option owing to the great advantages it provides. The latest advancement in the technology is the reason why surrogacy industry is prospering from the past few years.

It is an appropriate treatment option for you if you are infertile or find it difficult to carry a pregnancy to term. Infertility is a prevalent issue where a couple finds it hard to get pregnant even after trying for 6 months or a year; the couple who is not able to conceive naturally is termed as an infertile couple. To overcome this situation, they take the aid of various assisted reproductive technology methods.

However, sometimes it happens that a couple may not experience positive outcomes even after trying various assisted reproductive techniques such as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).  In this scenario, surrogacy is the next best option available as you can avail the services of a healthy fertile woman for performing the critical pregnancy process.

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At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have a large repository of healthy surrogates who offer their services at a reasonable price. We are renowned for providing effective fertility treatments to our patients with the assistance of one of the most illustrious fertility specialists in the country. Our fertility experts at surrogacy centre in Georgia are proficient at performing the surrogacy treatment with efficacy and deliver desired results to the patients.

The Main Surrogacy Practice in Georgia

Best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia 2020

Surrogacy is a covenant between two parties, namely; the intended couples and surrogate mother, in which the surrogate makes the pledge to carry out a pregnancy for the intended couple and deliver the baby to the couple in due time. The whole arrangement is backed by legal documentation. In this arrangement, the surrogate is duty-bound to relinquish all maternal rights on child and the intended couple cannot deny taking the custody of the child when it gets delivered to them.



Gestational Surrogacy: This method incorporates the use of traditional IVF technique where the surrogate mother has to undergo the IVF treatment process in order to get pregnant. The process is also known as a gestational carrier as the intended couples hire the womb of a surrogate to carry the pregnancy for them.

Gestational surrogacy is a more popular surrogacy practice when compared to the traditional one as it gives the benefit of having a genetically related child. We are the best surrogacy centre in Georgia that has a team of highly skilled fertility doctors who effectively execute the gestational surrogacy procedure.

About the Gestational Surrogacy Process in Georgia

Gestational surrogacy is a famous and legally recognized practice of surrogacy in Georgia. This method of surrogacy is preferable over the traditional method given the natural desire of the infertile couples to have a biologically related child.

The initial phase of the gestational surrogacy at surrogacy clinic in Georgia requires both the parties to take several tests and ultrasounds with the aim of carefully assessing their present condition for certain diseases and health issues. It is crucial that both the intended parties and the surrogate have sound physical and mental health. This is done to ensure that the doctors do not encounter any problem from the side of the patients during the treatment.

In gestational surrogacy process in Fertility Centre Georgia, the mother has to undergo IVF treatment. Before beginning the treatment, the mother is given fertility medication to make her ovaries develop multiple eggs and increase the chances of healthy pregnancy. Meanwhile, ultrasounds are done to evaluate the condition of ovaries. Once the follicles are mature, the egg retrieval procedure is done to remove the eggs from her ovarian follicle.

These eggs are fused together with the father’s sperm in a culture dish to attain fertilization. After achieving fertilization, one or more embryos are formed. After which, the role of the surrogate mother comes into play. These embryos are implanted into the surrogate mother’s uterus to facilitate pregnancy.

Once the IVF process completes, the surrogate mother becomes pregnant within two weeks and carries the pregnancy to full term for the intended couple. She may have to follow the special instructions provided by the intended couple regarding the diet, doctors, and other important things. In return, the surrogate mother will receive compensation for the time, money, and efforts done by her in the process.

Looking for the Finest Surrogacy Clinic in Georgia

While searching for a fertility centre it’s important that you take into consideration all the important factors such as the services, success rates, lab facilities, infrastructure, reviews, etc. Fertility Centre Georgia is a well-known fertility centre in Georgia that provides all of the previously mentioned benefits. We have a team of highly qualified fertility experts, gynaecologists, embryologists, IVF specialists, and other team members who put concerted efforts to turn your fertility treatment into a success.

If you are on the lookout for the best surrogacy centre in Georgia, then your quest is over because Fertility Centre Georgia is a pre-eminent surrogacy clinic in Georgia famous for providing surrogacy treatments at the most affordable price. We are a prestigious fertility centre in Georgia that has a track record displaying our past accomplishments in giving positive outcomes to the infertile couples who choose us for the surrogacy treatment.

How to Find the Best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia?

Fertility Centre Georgia is the best surrogacy centre in Georgia, people do not need to find it they can directly contact us. However, it is still important to know what to look into a centre to know if it is the best Artbaby surrogacy clinic Georgia or not. Here are the points to focus on:

  • Doctors Qualification – A good surrogacy centre Georgia must have qualified doctors. Doctors who are experienced in their field and have high education from prestige universities.
  • Staff Behavior – If the staff behaviour is not good towards the patients then how can the couple stay relaxed there? During the treatment and the surrogate’s regular checkups, the intended couples must go there. But if they would not treat people nicely the patients would not go there either.
  • Clean Environment – A clear fresh environment is not just good for health but looks better to stay at too. If the hospital environment is not clean then it might harm the patients.
  • Hygienic Importance – A hospital where the hygiene is not good will harm the patients through germs. During the treatment, if the couples are treated with bad hygiene objects then they can get infected. Especially in this post-covid era, staying hygienic is important.
  • Infrastructure – Looking at the infrastructure is important too. However we don’t mean to find a tremendous building, or else they will cost high just for that. A decent open infrastructure that would not disgust you to stay there would be a nice choice.
  • Technologies and Techniques – Nowadays most of the tests and treatments are done with the help of high-tech machines. If a hospital does not have high technology and techniques then how will your treatment turn out?
  • Advanced Treatments – There are many advanced treatments for fertility such as ICSI, PGD, IUI and SSR etc. The best centre of surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi must have advanced treatments.
  • Law Abiding – A law-abiding place is the best choice because everyone has to follow Georgia surrogacy laws in Georgia during surrogacy. If a place does not follow the laws then they are doing illegal work. This is punishable. And going there for your treatment is also punishable. Surrogacy for single man and woman is not allowed in Georgia. 
  • Low Cost of Treatments – The cost of a surrogacy clinic in Georgia 2023 is low. High charges for treatment can leave the patient stressed.

High Success Rate – Artbaby Georgia has a high success rate of surrogacy. A high rate means the higher of getting your baby. Therefore, a hospital must have a high success rate for treatments

Fertility Centre Georgia – The Best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia

Best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia 2020

Surrogacy is a perfect treatment option if you wish to have genetic ties with the child without actually carrying it in your womb for nine months. Gestational surrogacy gives the benefit of having a child made from your own embryos. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we provide gestational surrogacy treatment at a sensible price and we assure quality without compromise.

 Key points of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia, Fertility Centre Georgia –

  • Fertility Centre Georgia provides the sensible cost of treatments
  • They never compromise the quality of the treatments
  • The advanced treatments here are done with the whole attention of the experts
  • Advanced equipment and various surgical techniques are used by the doctors here
  • Every doctor and specialist here has more than 30 years of experience
  • They have massive data of surrogates for couples to choose from
  • Peaceful environment and clean surroundings
  • The new life Georgia surrogacy reviews and Artbaby Georgia reviews claim Fertility Centre Georgia is the best surrogacy centre in Georgia
  • Treatments here leave the patients all happy that is how the clinic got a prestige as happy family clinic Georgia.

Gestational surrogacy is the next best alternative if you’ve had failure with other basic fertility treatments like IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), IVF with ICSI, etc. Over the past few years, Georgia has gained immense popularity as the most favorable destination for surrogacy treatment. The reason behind such popularity is the advanced equipment and latest surgical techniques that the doctors employ to perform various kinds of fertility treatments.

Fertility Centre Georgia has fertility specialists and doctors with more than 30 years of experience in the fertility department. We have a skilled team of adroit fertility doctors, embryologists, surrogacy specialists, and other clinical staff who efficiently do their work and ensure the most sought-after results in the fertility treatment. We have a massive database of surrogates that you can choose from and put under screening in order to find a perfect match for yourself.

Our patients receive treatment at the best hospitals with great amenities. It is not common to get top-class facilities at a low price, that’s why most of the international patients opt for Georgia for their surrogacy treatment. Our treatment packages are specially curated to accommodate the specific needs of the patients. We have certified fertility experts who cautiously examine the patient’s condition with the aim of providing accurate treatment.

 If you are an infertile couple looking for the best place to get effective surrogacy treatment, then there is no better option than Fertility Centre Georgia. Our patients are at the advantage of getting cost-effective fertility treatments with the aid of well-experienced fertility doctors. The cost of surrogacy treatment in Georgia is comparatively lower to that in other developed countries, and thus making Georgia a hub for surrogacy.

What can the best surrogacy centre in Georgia do for the patients?

Everyone wants to learn about the best centre. But why? What can the best surrogacy centre in Georgia give you? The best surrogacy centre in Georgia can provide you these results:

  • A stress-free treatment process
  • A successful outcome of any treatment
  • No harm or injury is caused by the treatments
  • No side effects of the medicines
  • Leave the patients with smiles on their lips
  • Polite behaviour to everyone
  • Does not shake the financial budget too much

The best surrogacy centre in Georgia can give you these results but what about the other centres? They may give you the opposite result. Side effects and harm during treatment have become so common that hospitals do not want to take responsibility for them. However, it is not the same for Fertility Centre Georgia. First of all, they do not cause any harm to anyone. If there are side effects then they will be minimum.

Fertility Centre Georgia is the best surrogacy centre in Georgia where patients are given high-quality treatments. Our success rates for various fertility treatments are high as compared to the other nations. We have maintained our reputation as the best surrogacy treatment providers due to the availability of fertile surrogates in our clinic.