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What is The Single Surrogacy Cost in Georgia 2021?

Surrogacy is a procedure that gives the facility to couple to rent another woman’s womb for accomplishing the task of pregnancy. It is a procedure backed by legal documentation in Georgia providing the parental rights on the child only to the parents who hired a surrogate mother and not the surrogate mother. In this process, the surrogate mother carries the pregnancy for some other couple to term on a financial or altruistic basis. However, the surrogacy treatments for singles, lesbians, and gays are not supported legally. Fertility Centre Georgia provides the most economical surrogacy cost in Georgia. We provide the most sensible gay, lesbian, and single surrogacy cost in Georgia.

There has been noticed considerable progress when it comes to the rights of LGBT. Apart from the facility of marrying the same-sex, they are also given the right to take the help of a surrogate mother in order to become parents. It is the best alternative to adoption for gay couples as one of the intended parents gets biologically related to the kid. There is no better option than surrogacy for gay couples as genetic ties with the future kid is the best that they can get. That’s why surrogacy is a preferred option for these couples. However, the process is not as easy as it is import to take into account the legal aspect as to who will become the genetic parent of the child out of the two couples. However, we make sure to provide the most acceptable price range for gay surrogacy cost in Georgia.

Fertility Centre Georgia is a top-notch fertility clinic in Georgia famous for the superior quality surrogacy services provided by it. We have well-known fertility experts who put collaborated efforts to make certain that the patients receive the best care and facilities. Our team ensures that you do not encounter any major hindrances during the treatment and receive effective treatment experience. Furthermore, our success rates for taking baby home are significantly higher when compared to the success rates of other fertility centers in Georgia or other developed nations.

Different types of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a treatment facility given only to heterosexual couples in Georgia but Fertility Centre Georgia provides the lesbian and gay couples the facility to have their own child. Georgian law has deprived lesbian and gay couples of availing the surrogacy services in Georgia and has not given the prospect of surrogacy for these couples a legal backing. While the married heterosexual couples only have to spend on the basic costs of raising a child such as food, clothes, and education, but the cost of a child for singles, lesbians, and gays is not limited to the basic requirements because often the only option for them in order to get a child is adoption, which is too expensive.

Fertility Centre Georgia provides the option of surrogacy for single, lesbian, and gay couples at affordable costs. We offer an effective surrogacy treatment to our patients at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality of the treatment. The procedures of different types of surrogacy in Georgia are explained below.

Single Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

Surrogacy is not an easy process for single parents as they have to face several problems before they actually obtain a child through surrogacy. In the process of surrogacy for a single parent, the eggs and the sperms are received from a donor and the embryo resulting from their fusion is placed inside the womb of a surrogate mother, which then carries the pregnancy to term.

We have a large database comprising of healthy egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates. The single parent does not have to search places to places for acquiring the services of various donors as we present to them the profiles of the most fertile donors for the process. Single surrogacy cost in Georgia is the lowest when compared to the cost of single surrogacy in developed nations.

Gay Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

In the process of gay surrogacy, the couple has to make a decision as to who will provide their semen sample for the surrogacy treatment. Once they have provided the sperms, then the eggs of a donor will be used for executing the rest of the process. We at Fertility Centre Georgia have the profiles of healthy egg donors which is made after the effective screening and evaluation of their reproductive health. The embryo created after the fusion of the eggs and the sperms are transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb and accordingly, she carries the pregnancy for nine months and delivers the baby to gay couples in due time.

Gay surrogacy cost in Georgia is the best cost you can get for availing gay surrogacy services in Georgia in conjunction with the services of well-qualified fertility specialists.

lesbian surrogacy cost in Georgia 2021
lesbian surrogacy cost in Georgia 2021

Lesbian Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

The process of lesbian surrogacy is quite similar differentiating only on the method by which gametes are obtained. In lesbian surrogacy, the lesbian couples decide who will provide her eggs for the procedure and afterward, the semen sample is collected from a sperm donor. The received eggs and sperms are combined together to form embryo. The embryo gets implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother by the instrumentality of embryo transfer. Then, after pregnancy is confirmed, surrogate mother carries the pregnancy in her womb and delivers the baby to the lesbian couple.

We provide the most reasonable price for lesbian surrogacy in Georgia. The lesbian surrogacy cost in Georgia is the most economical price for getting lesbian surrogacy services in Georgia. We have fertility doctors with over fifteen years of experience who are adept at providing the supreme quality treatment to their patients. Fertility Centre Georgia is a prominent fertility clinic in Georgia widely known for offering the best quality surrogacy services for different patients. They make sure to inform their patients about all the necessary steps and legal aspects of the surrogacy process in Georgia. Although single, lesbian and gay surrogacy in Georgia is not implemented under a legal framework, but we assure our patients about the transparency of the process and provide them the finest quality treatment at an affordable price. We offer the most reasonable lesbian surrogacy cost in Georgia in combination with the services of certified fertility experts.

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