IVF – Getting familiar with the treatment process

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IVF is the most widely used ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatment to deal with the issue of infertility. Infertility is a condition that weakens the ability of a person to produce their own offspring via natural process. It has become a prevalent issue worldwide affecting millions of people. One in every eight couples faces difficulty conceiving naturally. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we assure higher IVF success rate in Georgia along with a quality treatment at a sensible price.

During the course of IVF, fertility medication is given to the woman with the aim of stimulating her ovulation cycle. After the maturity of the eggs is confirmed, the doctor takes them out by performing the egg retrieval process. These retrieved eggs are then combined with the man’s sperms and subsequently, fertilization occurs. This mixture grows into an embryo or embryos within a time period of 3-5 days. The embryos are then placed inside the woman’s womb and pregnancy takes place within 14 days.

Fertility Centre Georgia offers the services of highly skilled fertility experts having experience of more than 15 years in implementing various fertility treatments procedures with efficacy and precision. They incorporate the use of sophisticated equipments and keep track of all the technological advancement in the methods of various fertility treatments. We provide extensive care and assistance throughout the treatment process so that you do not encounter any trouble while getting treatment at our fertility centre. Also, we serve the highest success rate of IVF in Georgia.

How effective is an IVF?

The effectiveness of the IVF treatment totally depends on the severity of the patient’s condition and the place that you choose for the IVF treatment. However, most of the people undergoing IVF experience success regardless of the intricacy of their fertility case. The IVF success rate in Georgia is determined by various factors such as their lifestyle, medical history, the number of IVF cycles they have gone through, the doctor or fertility centre chosen for the treatment, etc.

However, it is always suggested to strictly follow the instructions given by your doctor and leave no stone unturned in order to ensure effective outcomes; results are just the consequences of various predictable and unforeseen factors. Fertility Centre Georgia plays a major role in your pursuit of parenthood by providing world-class treatment that promises higher chances of conception. Our fertility experts perform treatment with accuracy and diligence by applying all their experience and intelligence in giving effective fertility treatments to the patients. This in turn helps in ensuring productiveness of the treatment and higher chances of conception.

Highest IVF Success Rate in Georgia 2020

Factors affecting the success rates of an IVF

The success in IVF can be attributed to various factors such as the woman’s age undergoing IVF, specific type of the fertility issue, and the lifestyle that you are accustomed to. Below are some of the important factors explained in brief.

Fertility Centre Georgia assures greater chances of success in IVF

Highest IVF Success Rate in Georgia 2020

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have a well-qualified and certified fertility doctors who put all their efforts in making certain the success of your IVF. We offer the highest success rate of IVF in Georgia of around 60-65% and we do not needlessly exaggerate facts unlike others.  Our fertility specialists are well-known for providing efficacious fertility treatment and higher possibility of conception owing to their hands-on experience.

While the IVF success rate in Georgia for IVF with donor egg is 70-75%. IVF with donor egg is a treatment in which the services of an egg donor are used to achieve healthy fertilization. This is done when the woman is not able to or no longer able to produce fertile eggs due to her old age and other potential causes. We provide the highest success rate of IVF in Georgia for all kinds of fertility treatments and always make sure that you get the finest quality treatment in Georgia at an economical price.