cost of egg freezing in Georgia 2019

Where to get a reasonable cost of egg freezing in Georgia 2021?

Egg freezing – Preserve your eggs and fertility 

Also referred to as mature oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing is an option for women searching for ways to maintain their fertility by preserving their eggs for future use. It is a method where eggs are taken out from the ovaries of the woman and are stored for utilization at a later time. It is one of the best options for women to preserve their reproductive health and increase the chances of pregnancy in the future. If you are looking for the best egg freezing centre in Georgia, then Fertility Centre Georgia is the best clinic for preserving your eggs.

Egg freezing is a viable alternative for women who do not wish to get pregnant at this time due to various reasons. Often they choose to focus on their career and at the same time want to preserve their fertility for later use. It is a known fact that the woman’s fertility and her ability to produce healthy eggs declines as she ages, so opting for getting pregnant at a later age can be problematic. Therefore, freezing your eggs is your best bet in case you do not want to encounter any difficulty while conceiving in the future. However, out of all the eggs frozen, some of them turn out to be useful and result in the birth of a baby.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have a team of experienced doctors and fertility experts who provide the highest quality fertility treatment to their patients at an acceptable cost. Also, they make their patients well-acquainted with the process and explain to them the process of egg freezing, the possible risks and the applicability of the egg freezing method to you. They carefully evaluate the patient’s condition and suggest to them the appropriate treatment.

Egg freezing process in Georgia 

Fertility centre Georgia is a prominent egg freezing centre in Georgia for getting a cost-effective treatment. To freeze your eggs, the first and foremost step to be performed is egg retrieval, which is the process whereby the doctor takes out mature eggs from the ovaries of the patient. Before beginning the procedure, the doctor is supposed to get acquainted with your health condition and review your medical history. The aim of accumulating your health information is to find out whether this process will be effectual for you or whether you are capable of producing fertile eggs for preservation.

Once a woman is evaluated for her eligibility for the process, the first step for initiating the procedure of egg freezing is to provide her fertility medication for encouraging ovulation induction. The process can be segmented into parts. Also, all of the steps of the treatment are incorporated under the reasonable egg freezing cost in Georgia.

Initial Phase – Fertility medication and egg retrieval

In the beginning, several hormonal injections and fertility medication is given to the woman to make her ovaries produce more healthy and fertile eggs than normal. During the medication, follicles of the woman will be monitored for ascertaining whether the eggs have matured. The doctor performs transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests for confirming the maturity of eggs.

Then, the eggs are retrieved from the ovarian follicle by the instrumentality of egg retrieval; the follicular tissues are pulled out with the aid of a delicate needle. From these tissues, multiple eggs are taken out from the follicle. The process takes about 20 minutes to complete. The woman is given pain medication so that she remains unaffected by the whole procedure in which a needle is inserted through her vagina in order to collect the eggs.

The completion of the egg retrieval process also puts an end to the role of the woman in the egg freezing process. The rest of the process is left to the clinic specialists and doctors.

cost of egg freezing in Georgia 2021
cost of egg freezing in Georgia 2021

Final Phase – The process of oocyte cryopreservation 

After retrieving the eggs, the final step is to keep them in a well-equipped laboratory for performing the further process. The obtained eggs are freezing with a technique called vitrification, eggs are stored in the lab for a long period as suggested by the patient or depending on their ability to survive. The preserving ability of the eggs remains nearly 100% till the time they are taken out from the library for the next step.

They are only taken out once the patient asks us to do so and the next step of the treatment process is executed. It is an appropriate way of preserving the eggs as well as your ability to conceive for women who want to sustain their fertility.

Low cost of egg freezing in Georgia 

The cost of egg freezing in Georgia starts from $5000 and goes up to approximately $7000. Differences in the cost can be attributed to varied situations and conditions of the woman looking for egg freezing in Georgia. However, this is the most economical price range that you can get for egg freezing in Georgia that assures the quality of the treatment. We offer the best manageable cost after considering the specific requirements of the patient undergoing the course of egg freezing treatment in Georgia. Fertility Centre Georgia is a renowned fertility centre in Georgia famous for providing the services of egg freezing at the most relevant egg freezing cost in Georgia. We have a state-of-the-art lab where our clinic specialist performs the egg freezing process in Georgia with accuracy and efficiency. Also, our success rates for various fertility treatments are way higher when compared to other fertility clinics of developed nations.

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