How Much Does it Cost to Get the Services of a Sperm Donor in Georgia?

Sperm Donor Cost in Georgia 2020

Who is a Sperm Donor?

Sperm Donor is a man that provides his sperm usually for various methods under the ART technique, to help make the woman attain pregnancy without actually having any sexual relations with her. He may denote his sperm through a fertility clinic and get compensated for the same in return. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we provide the services of a sperm donor at an acceptable sperm donor cost in Georgia.

 A sperm donor is selected after carefully evaluating his eligibility and to suit the requirements of the couple or the woman who is going to pay him. The donor sperm is collected after asking the donor to provide his semen sample, which is a fluid that man discharges at the time of ejaculation. The major reason for opting for the aid of a sperm donor is the inability of the male partner to produce healthy sperms that are essential to effectuate fertilization. This inability prevents the couples from having their own kid and makes them childless.

Receive the assistance of a Sperm Donor to build your family

Fortunately, there is an option to couples with male factor infertility where they can get the help of a sperm donor to receive quality sperms for fertilization and fulfil their dream of experiencing parenthood. The sperms received from a sperm donor at an economical sperm donor cost in Georgia, are directly inserted into the woman’s uterus or are used for completing the IVF technique, which solely depends on the kind of ART treatment chosen by the patient.

Fertility Centre Georgia is the best sperm donor provider in Georgia having a large database of affordable sperm donor profiles cost in Georgia that has been formulated after taking into account all the crucial criteria required for choosing an appropriate sperm donor. We are a prominent fertility clinic in Georgia having experts with experience over fifteen years in providing quality fertility treatments to the infertile couples. Our specialists use state-of-the-art equipments and technologies to effectively perform the treatment and make certain the patients get the finest quality fertility treatment at our centre.

Screening process of a Sperm Donor in Georgia

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Before choosing a sperm donor for you, the prospect donor has to undergo comprehensive screening so that the doctors can examine him for his eligibility and qualify him as a suitable sperm donor for the concerned couples. He gets accurately assessed by our doctors for detecting the presence of any infections and serious health diseases.

Following are the steps and criteria that a man is exposed to in order to get qualified as a sperm donor in Georgia:

  • Age: The age of the man willing to provide his services as a sperm donor should not exceed 38 years.
  • Semen Analysis: The prospect donor has to provide his semen sample for inspection by the doctor for its quantity, quality, and mobility. He has to refrain from any sexual activity or masturbation five days prior to the semen collection process.
  • Medical examination: The medication examination is done to identify the early symptoms or signs of a medical health issue. The doctor takes the samples of donor’s blood and urine. This testing is done every half yearly if you continue to work as a sperm donor in Georgia.
  • Medical background of the family: Before you get enlisted as a sperm donor in Georgia, you have to provide medical records of your two previous generations at Fertility Centre Georgia. It’s important to that you have an excellent medical history because you are genetically related to them.

  • DNA testing: The doctor will take your blood sample for the DNA testing to check if you have any serious genetic diseases and chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Psychological testing: Sperm donation is not as easy as it sounds and the man should be in sound mental health to endure the stress of the whole process. You may be asked extremely personal questions regarding your connection with the person to whom you are providing your sperm sample, in case you already know the person.
  • Personal Information: Apart from the aforementioned points, the doctor may ask you about sexual history to find out if you have any infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis. He may also want to know whether you have or had any drug or alcohol addiction as all these addictions adversely affect the quality of the sperm.

If you successfully pass all of the stages mentioned above, then a contract will be signed between both the parties entailing the consent of both the parties to undergo the process. The contract will also state the amount of compensation that the donor will get for providing his services. The cost of sperm donor in Georgia includes the charges of all of these necessary steps and the patient doesn’t have to worry about paying every now and then after they have made the final payment.

A Keenly priced Sperm Donor cost in Georgia

Georgia has become a famous country owing to the availability of latest surgical methods and low price of the various treatments. Due to this, many infertile couples from all parts of the world are flying to Georgia for their medical tourism. Fertility Centre Georgia is a prominent fertility clinic in Georgia that has made the wish of a couple getting reasonably priced fertility treatments an attainable reality.

The cost of sperm donor in Georgia is somewhere between $2500 to $3000, which is the best most acceptable price that one can get for a top-class treatment experience. The charges may vary according to the various sperm donor profiles cost in Georgia but will still remain in the length of your pocket. We understand how hard a fertility treatment journey could be; therefore it is crucial that your fertility treatment should worth every penny. We make sure that you get the best appropriate match for the process of sperm donation and consequently, receive success in your fertility treatment.

Sperm Donor Cost in Georgia 2020