Tesa Treatment Cost in Georgia 2020

What is the Cost of TESA Treatment in Georgia 2021?

What is TESA?

TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration) is a surgical process in which the sperms are directly removed from the testicles. This advanced technique enables the surgeon to collect the sperm and further execute the process of fertility treatment such as IVF or IVF with ICSI. The time of sperm retrieval is adjusted according to the procedure of egg retrieval. In the TESA sperm retrieval process, sperm cells and tissues are taken out with the assistance of a sharp needle attached to a syringe. The treatment is performed to treat a condition such as obstructive azoospermia, oligospermia, necrozoospermia, etc. Our fertility professionals accurately evaluate the patient’s condition and provide the sperm retrieval treatment at a reasonable TESA treatment cost in Georgia.

It is an effective and safe sperm retrieval process generally performed to cure male factor infertility, low or zero sperm count, immotile sperms, ejaculation issues, etc. TESA sperm retrieval treatment assists in obtaining sperms for different fertility treatments and helps the fertility doctor to take forward the rest of the fertility treatment procedure. The sperm aspiration process is usually done one day before the egg retrieval process so that the sperms could mature fully.

Fertility Centre Georgia has skilled fertility experts who diligently perform the sperm retrieval treatment in order to make the procedure successful. We are a prestigious fertility clinic in Georgia having fertility doctors and medical professionals with over 15 years of experience. They utilize state-of-the-art surgical equipment for operating their patients with the aim of efficiently correcting the cause of infertility. We make sure to offer our patients the finest quality fertility treatment that would make pregnancy easily achievable.

To whom TESA is recommended

TESA is a treatment for severe male factor infertility cases such as zero sperm count, ejaculation problems, or other health issues that keeps them from producing their own offspring. Testicular Sperm Aspiration is an appropriate treatment for men who have undergone certain sterilization procedures such as vasectomy, which halts their ability to reproduce and become a parent, but now looking for a treatment that would allow them to enjoy parenthood. Fertility Centre Georgia provides the most economical cost of TESA treatment in Georgia.

TESA is a suitable treatment option in the following cases:

  • When a man is having a condition called azoospermia in which there are no sperms found in his seminal fluid.
  • Men who have undergone a vasectomy.
  • Men who have had a penectomy where the whole or part of a penis is removed.
  • Men with a retrograde ejaculation problem, a situation where the seminal fluid does not come out of urethra and ejaculation occurs inside the urinary bladder.
  • Men who have had urethrectomy, a treatment in which male urethra is surgically removed.
  • Men with obstructive azoospermia, a condition in which abnormal sperms are found in the ejaculated semen.
  • Male having oligospermia where there is less concentration of sperms in the semen fluid.
  • Men dealing with necrozoospermia, a situation in which a man produces immotile or dead sperms.

Process of TESA treatment in Georgia

 The surgical procedure of TESA treatment in Georgia is trouble-free and reliable and the patient can expect a smooth treatment experience at an affordable TESA cost in Georgia. We make sure to provide the top-quality surgical treatment to our patients with a low-cost. TESA is a treatment performed when a man produces a sufficient amount of sperms but due to unavoidable conditions, it remains in the testicles rather than coming out in ejaculation. The treatment is often suggested to men having adequate sperm production but is not able to ejaculate effectively.

In the initial phase of the treatment, the patient is given local anesthesia to make him unreceptive to the pain and discomfort caused during the treatment.  Once he is sedated, the surgeon inserts a needle into his testes to retrieve the sperm cells and tissues. The collected sperms are then further processed and evaluated in the laboratory. After evaluation, the sperms are thawed and washed and the doctor picks the most healthy and motile sperms for the next step of the process, which is fusion with the egg.

On the same or consecutive day of the treatment, egg retrieval is done for obtaining the eggs for fertilization. The couple may choose to freeze their sperm for later use or continue with the rest of fertility treatment. TESA treatment takes about 50 minutes to complete and the process is less intricate and painful.

TESA treatment cost in Georgia
TESA treatment cost in Georgia

Justified TESA treatment cost in Georgia

The cost of TESA treatment in Georgia comes under the price bracket of $500 to $600, which is the most economical price range for TESA treatment in Georgia. Fertility Centre Georgia offers the highest quality fertility and other surgical treatment at affordable prices. We make sure to provide our patients with the best surgical care and treatment that ensures effective results. Moreover, the treatments are given at a reasonable price, which is not too heavy on the patient’s pocket. We have a team of certified fertility specialists, andrologists, urologists, and other team members, who do not rest until success in your fertility treatment is assured. They strive to provide immense care and assistance to their patients and making sure they do not encounter any difficulty during the treatment. Our patients receive the benefit of getting treated under a world-class infrastructure with great amenities and facilities at an acceptable TESA cost in Georgia. Also, our success rates for different fertility treatments are comparatively high to the other fertility clinics of developed nations, which is why Georgia has become a preferred country for fertility tourism.

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