Where to get a reasonable IMSI Treatment Cost in Georgia?

IMSI – enhanced version of ICSI

IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection) is a latest surgical technique of attaining parenthood that ensures higher chances of conception as compared to the other fertility treatment techniques. Sometimes a couple is not able to achieve conception even after the application of IVF or more advanced fertility treatments such as IVF with ICSI. In this scenario, IVF with IMSI is the next best resort to the infertile couples looking for a treatment that would confirm pregnancy. We at Fertility Centre Georgia, provide the most affordable cost of IMSI in Georgia along with the aid of certified medical experts.

IMSI is an augmented version of ICSI in which sperms are inspected under a microscope having a magnification lens of 6000x. This amplified power of lens aids in a more vivid assessment of the morphology of the sperm because it is easy to find out even the smallest abnormalities in the sperm which were hardly detectable in other assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF or IVF with ICSI.

IMSI method allows the doctor to single out a high-motility sperm with no frailties, and then insert it directly into the cytoplasm of the egg.  The IMSI technique is often suggested to those couples who have had repeated failures with traditional IVF or IVF with ICSI method and to make certain the pregnancy and consequently, improve IVF success rates. With the assistance of IMSI, the embryologist can evaluate the sperm for defects and abnormalities and at the same time, inhibiting the bad quality sperm or sperm with defects from penetrating the egg.

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IMSI – the treatment process

IMSI Treatment cost in Georgia 2020

Most of the steps in the IMSI treatment process are same as IVF or other fertility treatments in Georgia. Our fertility experts employ latest surgical equipments to perform IVF with IMSI procedure at a sensible IMSI cost in Georgia.

In the beginning of the process of IMSI treatment, the female partner is given fertility drugs for the purpose of inducing her ovulation cycle. Once the stimulation makes the ovaries produce more fertile eggs, the doctor extracts them from her ovaries with a minor instrumentality called egg retrieval.

After obtaining the semen sample, the doctor selects a single highest motility sperm by analyzing it under a microscope of 6000x magnifying lens. The better morphology of the sperm considerably increases the chances of it reaching and fertilizing the egg obtained from the egg retrieval procedure.

The attainment of fertilization leads to the formation of an embryo, and the embryos take another 4-6 days in order to fully develop. The embryo is then implanted into the recipient’s uterus with the aid of embryo transfer. Minor tests and ultrasounds are done to confirm pregnancy and pregnancy takes place after 14-15 days.

Obtaining the fertility treatment at an acceptable IMSI cost in Georgia

The average cost of IMSI in Georgia is somewhere between $400 to $450 that incorporates prices of all the major steps that take place during the treatment. Georgia offers the most reasonable price for the advanced IMSI treatment with the services of certified fertility specialists and surgeons offering the supreme quality treatment at an affordable price. The cost mentioned includes all the relevant charges such as fertility medication, the cost for availing the services of an experienced doctor, counselling charges, and other relevant charges.

Our medical professionals have hands on experience in effectuating the IMSI treatment in Georgia. The fertility specialists use latest surgical methods to perform various fertility treatments that ensure positive outcomes of the treatment. Our doctors keep track of all the latest methods and try to best apply them when performing various surgeries and treatments. The adroitness of our doctors helps in increasing your chances of achieving conception and leaving for home with a baby.

Pick Fertility Centre Georgia for getting productive results in IMSI

IMSI Treatment cost in Georgia 2020

Fertility Centre Georgia is a prestigious fertility clinic in Georgia for undergoing various infertility treatments. We assure better chances of success in your treatment when compared to other fertility clinics in the city. We have a team of highly educated fertility doctors, embryologists, surgeons, gynaecologist and other clinical staff who provide great care and quality treatment when dealing with the patients. Deciding on a fertility treatment is not a simple decision and the patient should undertake all the crucial factors when determining the best fertility centre for themselves.

We are an eminent place and the best destination for your fertility tourism. We put concerted efforts in making sure you receive the finest treatment services at a reasonable IMSI cost in Georgia. Choose us for greater chances of success and receive a treatment that assures highest success rates, surpassing the success rates of all other fertility centres in the country. We never compromise on the quality of your treatment to compensate with the low charges of various treatments provided by us.