What is the Cost of PGD in Georgia?

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What is PGD?

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) is a process done to asses an embryo for the presence of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities before implantation. This is done to prevent the transmission of any genetic diseases to the future child. Fertility Centre Georgia offers the most reasonable PGD cost in Georgia with the services of certified embryologists and lab technicians.

The genetic test is usually performed after the completion of IVF, which is an assisted reproductive technique for attaining pregnancy without the assistance of a human body. Also known as a test tube baby process, IVF is a method of conception where the female’s eggs and the male’s sperm are fused together in a laboratory culture dish. This fusion results in the accomplishment of fertilization and the formation of an embryo.

The couple may choose to have a PGD testing on their embryo prior to implantation for assuring that the embryo is free from any genetic disorders. Sometimes the doctor may suggest the PGD test if he suspects the presence of chromosomal anomalies in the resulted embryo. The test is useful in confirming that the embryo to be transferred inside the woman’s uterus is healthy enough to give rise to effective pregnancy in woman and ensures greater chances of conception.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have highly skilled fertility experts, IVF specialists, embryologists, surgeons, and other clinical staff that work conjointly to provide better results in your fertility treatment. They make sure to give you extensive care and assistance and are always there to respond to all your queries. Our experts have hands on experience in performing the PGD genetic testing at the best PGD treatment cost in Georgia.

Who should opt for PGD in Georgia?

Whether PGD test is required or applicable to you depends on varied factors, but most of the time your fertility doctor advice you to take this test in order to enhance the chances of achieving conception via IVF treatment. The test is known to produce great results in an IVF treatment.

Below are some potential candidates for PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis).

  • Women above 35 years who are planning to undergo a fertility treatment due to their inability to get pregnant naturally. The quantity and quality of eggs begins to deplete as a woman ages. Therefore, women over 35 should pick IVF with PGD to substantially increase their chances of conception.
PGD Cost in Georgia 2020
  • If one of the couple is diagnosed with single gene disorder, then you should get PGD done on your embryo in order to prevent passing on the disorder to your kid.
  • Women who have had repeated miscarriages should try PGD testing once as the cause of miscarriages could be the bad-quality of the embryo.
  • If any of the partners is suspected to have a chromosomal disorder, then PGD is the only viable option if you wish to get pregnant with the aid of IVF treatment.
  • Women who have experienced more than one failed IVF cycle or did not receive the desired results with other fertility treatments, should go for PGD.

How is the PGD performed in Georgia?

PGD testing is done once the IVF treatment process is complete, as the test is conducted on an embryo that is formed with the help of In Vitro Fertilization. We provide the IVF including this genetic testing at the best PGD Cost in Georgia.

IVF treatment requires:

  • The woman to take fertility medications to stimulate her ovaries so that they could produce a substantial quantity of quality eggs
  • The doctor to perform egg retrieval where he would pull out the eggs from the ovarian follicle with aid of a transvaginal needle
  • The fusion and fertilization of the obtained eggs with the sperm, which came from the process of semen collection
  • The further development of the embryo, formed as a result of fertilization , for a course of 4-5 days in the lab

After the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage, a couple of cells are surgically removed from the outermost layer of the embryo. The collected cells are then assessed for the presence of chromosomal abnormalities and genetic diseases using the latest techniques. The process may take a week to complete; meanwhile the embryo is protected and frozen with the help of vitrification. .

Once the results of the test done on the cells of the embryo are received and are positive, the healthy embryo can be defrosted and implanted inside the uterus of the woman. However, if the tests results were negative and the embryo was found to be defective, then the embryo with the genetic disorder will be destroyed.

Cheap PGD treatment cost in Georgia

The cost of PGD in Georgia comes under the price range of USD $5,000 to USD $6,000 that involves the consultation charges, the cost of fertility medication, the cost of hormonal injection, the cost of transvaginal ultrasound, the cost of follicular aspiration, and other relevant costs. This is the best economical price range for the PGD test in Georgia. The price ranges is curated after considering all the relevant steps of the testing and is the same for all the patients irrespective of their social class. Also, our doctor will be there to advice you on the prospect of managing the various costs.

Fertility Centre Georgia offers the sensible PGD treatment cost in Georgia together with the services of ingenious doctors adept at performing different types of fertility treatment in Georgia. They zealously work to assure the patients of success results in their IVF or other fertility treatments. Besides our patients receive the benefit of getting an affordable fertility treatment in a world-class infrastructure. Moreover, our success rates are the highest in the country; we provide finest quality treatment promising great chances of success.

PGD Cost in Georgia 2020