Cost of Laser Assisted Hatching in Georgia 2020

What is the Cost of Laser Assisted Hatching in Georgia 2021?

What is Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH)?

While performing the conventional IVF process, it is essential that the embryo comes out from its shell called zona pellucida, and effectively attach to the uterine wall. But most of the times it happens that the embryo fails to attach to the uterine lining because of the hardening of the shell, which hinders the successful completion of the IVF process and the achievement of pregnancy. In such cases, laser assisted hatching is used to complete the process and effectuate pregnancy. We provide an affordable laser assisted hatching cost in Georgia with the aid of experienced fertility experts and surgeons.

For a pregnancy to take place, it is important that the embryo pass through the fallopian tube and implant into the uterus. The outer layer of the embryo known as zona pellucida must break.  In laser assisted hatching, for attaining successful implantation of the embryo into the recipient’s uterus, assisted hatching technique is utilized where embryo is attached to the lining of the uterus by opening the covering of the embryo. During the process, the outer shell of the embryo is artificially ruptured so that it can successfully attach to the lining of the uterus.

Fertility Centre Georgia has a great pool of skilled fertility specialists and doctors widely known for performing different types of advanced IVF technique with precision. They have immense experience in the area of fertility and provide high success rates of various fertility treatments. Also, we offer the most reasonable cost of laser assisted hatching in Georgia.

Who can benefit from Laser Assisted Hatching?

One of the major causes of IVF failure is the inability of the embryo to perfectly implant into the uterus. Laser assisted hatching technique can significantly enhance the chances of implantation in IVF and is a suitable option for the couple who have successfully completed all the crucial steps in the IVF process but failed to conceive owing to the thickness of the zona pellucida.

Laser assisted hatching helps in improving pregnancy rates and is often suggested to the following patients:

  • Patients whose embryos are having thick or abnormal zona pellucida that may deter the embryo from coming out of its shell and attach to the uterine lining.
  • Patients with poor ovarian reserve, as the low quality and fertility of eggs make the woman’s ovaries produce fewer embryos than normal and thus, diminishing the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Patients who had failed IVF cycles due to the failure of embryo implantation and who wish to increase their chances of pregnancy with the aid of laser assisted hatching.
Cost of Laser Assisted Hatching in Georgia
Cost of Laser Assisted Hatching in Georgia

What is the process of LAH in Georgia?

Fertility Centre Georgia provides the best laser assisted hatching cost in Georgia along with the services of highly qualified surgeons and fertility experts to assist in you in the hatching treatment.

During the laser assisted hatching treatment, the patient has to first undergo the IVF treatment for producing an embryo. As assisted hatching is done on an embryo, it is crucial for the patient to undergo IVF. At the third or fourth day of the fertilization, a small method of assisted hatching is performed to make the embryo successfully attach to the lining of the uterus. The embryologist cautiously assesses the quality of the embryo. On the basis of this assessment and the development stage of an embryo further process is executed.

In the process, a laser beam is applied on the shell of an embryo for the purpose of artificially breaching the shell. Meanwhile, the embryo is protected from getting affected by making a direct contact of an embryo with an optical device known as victimisation infrared 1.48-μm diode optical device. The assisted hatching process takes less time. The light beam causes the zona pellicuda to become thinner around ten microns. Due to the dilution of the zona pellucida, embryo hatching becomes easier and it gets attached to the uterine wall.

The whole process is conducted carefully and accurately to avoid any mistake as it is a delicate procedure. The fertility specialists and embryologists at our centre are expert at performing assisted hatching and enhancing the possibility of pregnancy to the patient undergoing the process.

How much does LAH cost in Georgia?

At Fertility Centre Georgia, the cost of laser assisted hatching in Georgia ranges somewhere between $250 to $300 and is the affordable price that you can get offered. The cost is curated after considering the service charge of skilled fertility doctors and embryologists at our centre, without overcharging for the same services. We make sure that pregnancy is achievable to our patients by making the cost of all the advanced IVF techniques highly affordable to the patients. Our embryologist carefully performs the assisted hatching treatment with accuracy and efficacy.

In addition to the first-rate quality treatment, we offer high success rates in different fertility treatments to the patients who choose us for their fertility treatment. We offer the most reasonable laser assisted hatching cost in Georgia. The services of adroit fertility experts and the availability of low-cost of various treatments is the reason that captures the attention of the international patients and forces them to choose Georgia for their fertility tourism.

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