How Fertility Centre Georgia follows the surrogacy laws in Georgia?

Surrogacy Laws in Georgia 2022

You have landed at the right destination! If you are searching for the best fertility centre for surrogacy in Georgia. FERTILITY CENTRE GEORGIA is a firmly established fertility centre in Georgia that assists its patients in successfully attaining their fertility goals. We help you in every step of your surrogacy treatment by providing all the necessary information that will help ease the process. Our centre performs surrogacy procedures and techniques according to the surrogacy laws in Georgia. It is the legal process that provides the opportunity for couples to become parents. Surrogacy is the top-notch procedure to assist severe infertility problems. It involves the assistance of another woman as she conceives the child for another couple.

Couples who wish to become parents with surrogacy assistance in Georgia can choose Fertility Centre Georgia. Many partners face confusion as surrogacy is legal in Georgia, so we have the answer for your every query. Surrogacy laws in Georgia are present by the country government that allow and prohibit some forms. We conduct the surrogacy process by following the governmental laws and regulations to provide the method within the criteria. We ensure that all the rights of the parties involved in the surrogacy process are protected.

Before committing to the surrogacy process in Georgia, you must understand everything about the method also the legal procedure requirements. Surrogacy is a life-altering experience; therefore, you must think twice before opting for it as it may demand substantial efforts from your side. It is a long and intricate process, which makes it essential that you perform all the legal formalities to safeguard the interests of all the concerned parties.

What should you know about Surrogacy Law in Georgia?

Surrogacy is a complicated process that requires a legal framework to manage the function and control any exploitation. Many surrogacy laws in Georgia are presently accompanying the process, but there is a set of regulatory instructions for efficiently managing the surrogacy process in Georgia. In the best centre, it performs with all the legal formalities and follows every regulation.


Surrogacy is legal in Georgia, but the court perceives it as a legal contract between both concerned parties. Its credibility is left to the lawyer that you choose on your behalf to represent your case in court. Nevertheless, FERTILITY CENTRE GEORGIA assures you to give top surrogacy and assists you in getting the services of highly proficient lawyers who will take care of the legal aspect of your surrogacy treatment.

You will have the best process with every state or country legal work. It improves your results with top efficiencies. The process is most desirable in Georgia owing to the ease with which the whole process can accomplish. Many countries have prohibited every surrogacy form in their countries. It causes a challenging situation for partners to become parents in their countries. The option left for them is another country or destination. Any married couple facing infertility conditions can select their process in Georgia to become parents prosperously. 

Who can have surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi according to the surrogacy laws in Georgia?

 Georgia is one of the best countries for surrogacy as the surrogacy cost in Georgia is the most reasonable cost.

 Not everyone can surrogacy in Georgia. First of all, people who cannot afford the Georgia country surrogacy cost cannot have surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi. Let us learn who can have surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi according to the surrogacy laws in Georgia:

  • Women who do not have a uterus
  • Married heterosexual couples
  • Couples going through infertility
  • Partners who have a risk of transferring genetic diseases

These are the cases where a couple can have surrogacy in Georgia according to the surrogacy laws in Georgia.

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How does surrogacy perform according to laws in Georgia?

Before beginning the surrogacy treatment in Georgia, some legal requirements need to fulfil.

  • Surrogacy law in Georgia provides the facility only to married heterosexual couples and prohibits same-sex couples or singles from surrogacy services.
  • The intended parents will register as the child's legal parents even if the child is born by a surrogate.
  • The couple has to provide their consent in writing before starting the treatment. It will make the legal parents and authorize them special rights and responsibilities on the child.
  • Even if the embryo transfer into the surrogate mother uterus performs with an egg donor help, the intended will still be the legal parents.
  • The birth certificate will be issued within 24 hours of the child’s birth and shall have the name of the intended parents as legal parents.
  • The surrogate mother has legal rights over the child, and the couple will remain the legal parents. 
  • The surrogacy bill in Georgia promotes both altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements. However, there shall be a document containing the details of compensation to make and the expectations of the parties involved.
  • After the child-birth, the surrogate will renounce all of her parental rights to the child and will not acknowledge her as the child legal mother under any circumstances according to the surrogacy bill in Georgia.
  • The process of getting a birth certificate is hassle-free and does not require the involvement of a lawyer. The intended parents can take the child to their home country anytime after the birth certificate is issued.

How does surrogacy work in Georgia?

The surrogacy process in Georgia has different laws and regulations that only allow co-habiting heterosexual couples. Medical professionals at the best centre perform the various fertility treatment procedures with the procedures of fertility hospitals in other countries having a legal surrogacy framework.

What are the key points of Fertility Centre Georgia?

Fertility Centre Georgia has always abided by the surrogacy laws in Georgia. The many years of services that the Georgia surrogacy agency has provided the couples have made Fertility Centre Georgia what it is today.

Let us know more about the Fertility Centre Georgia:

  • Fertility Centre Georgia does not have those surrogacy forms which is illegal in Georgia
  • The doctors and other staff here are always hoping for the best for the patients, not for keeping the money
  • All the treatments are carefully performed with utter attention
  • The area surrounding the centre has always been taken care of to not cause any bad odour or bad hygiene
  • Patients are always treated with politeness and never are shown impatience
  • Medical consultants here inform every single detail of the treatment the patients
  • It is known as the best surrogacy clinic in Georgia by the New Life Georgia Surrogacy reviews
  • Every treatment is done with the help of the advanced technology here 
  • 24-hour services every day a week are given
  • They have special data to screen the women wanting to become a surrogate in Georgia

The surrogacy process in top-notch centre is following in Gerogia:

  1. Finding an appropriate surrogate: You can choose a surrogate from your family and friends, or we can assist you in finding the surrogateWe have an extensive repository of healthy surrogates that you can see to find a suitable surrogate for yourself. Every surrogate profile that will show to you create after the comprehensive screening, and the surrogate has sound mental and psychological health. You can also meet the surrogate in person if you wish to further evaluate her eligibility for the process.
  2. Formulating the surrogacy contract: Once you find the surrogate of your choice, the surrogacy attorney will help you in contract forming depicting the rights, responsibilities and expectations of all the concerned parties. We ensure that the contract protects your rights and interests.
  3. Undergoing the medical treatment:After signing the surrogacy contract, the surrogate will have to undergo medical treatment and preparations to perform her task. She will be given fertility medication before beginning the process of embryo transfer. Once the embryo implants into her uterus and pregnancy confirm, she will assist by an obstetrician with the remaining process timing.
  4. Creating parental rights:After accomplishing the pregnancy, the last few months will dedicate to establishing parentage to protect the intended parents parental rights. It helps in effectively placing the name of the intended parents on the birth certificate through adequate legal measures.

What is the surrogacy cost in Georgia at Fertility Centre Georgia?

The surrogacy cost in Georgia according to the surrogacy bill in Georgia 2023 is USD 42,000 to USD 46,000. This cost can get affected if the couples are not having surrogacy at an honest centre. 

 Because sometimes there are centres that just want to snatch all the money away from the patients. 

Fertility Centre Georgia never does that. We are the most honest with our patients as we follow the surrogacy laws in Georgia to keep up-to-date.

Surrogacy Laws in Georgia 2020
Conclusion of the Surrogacy law in Georgia:

In the end, the surrogate mother gives birth to the baby, and the legal parents can take the baby home once it gets delivered. The team members in the best centre work closely with the patients. They will ensure that you do not face any difficulty during the treatment. We make our patients well-acquainted with every step in the process and inform them about all the relevant happenings.

Our fertility doctors use high-quality equipment and techniques to perform the treatment and give our patients the desired outcomes. We have high success rates contrary to the fertility centres of the developed nations. It is why international patients visit for Surrogacy laws in Georgia to get effective and legal procedures.