Surrogacy Cost in Atlanta

What is the Surrogacy Cost in Atlanta 2021?

Reasonable Surrogacy Process Cost in Atlanta

Surrogacy or gestational career is a process by which a woman known as a surrogate mother provides her womb for rent. Simply put, she agrees on the prospect of carrying a pregnancy and delivering the baby to another individual. These individuals are basically infertile couples who are, due to various reasons, are not able to achieve their dream of getting pregnant and raising a baby. The infertile couple is referred to as intended parents as they are the commissioning parents of the child and will be given the rights of the child borne by the surrogate mother.

In the surrogacy arrangement, the surrogate mother has to undergo a course of fertility treatment where she gets pregnant with the gametes of the intended parents. She promises to relinquish any parental rights on the child to be born and transfer the same to the intended parents. There is a legally binding agreement made between the concerned parties with serious consequences in case of non-completion of the agreement on either side of the involved parties. The surrogate cannot deny handing over the baby to the intended parents and at the same time, intended parents cannot refuse to take the custody of the baby when the time comes.

Surrogacy is a complicated process involving a number of steps and it is important to choose the best fertility clinic for experiencing the highest quality treatment. Fertility Centre Georgia is a famous fertility center in order to get the best cost of surrogacy in Atlanta. The fertility experts at our fertility clinic are widely experienced in performing the superlative quality treatment and make sure that the patients receive a satisfactory fertility treatment experience at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Atlanta. We have a big database of healthy surrogates that are selected after examining their overall physical and mental health. Our patients can pick the best surrogate that conforms to their requirements and that too, at a low-cost.

Different types of Surrogacy in Atlanta

Surrogacy in Atlanta is a fertility treatment option for couples that are not capable of carrying a pregnancy on their own and need the assistance of a surrogate to get a baby at a low surrogacy process cost in Atlanta. It is the best treatment option when a couple is able to produce the required eggs and sperms for the treatment but the woman cannot carry the pregnancy to term due to various reasons.

There are two types of Surrogacy in Atlanta.

Traditional Surrogacy. A less preferred surrogacy treatment and an arrangement where the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperms and uses her own eggs for the process of fertilization. It is a less frequently performed method of surrogacy as the baby borne does not share genetic ties with the intended parents. However, the father gets biologically related to the baby provided his sperms are used for the insemination.

Gestational Surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is a surrogacy arrangement whereby the surrogate mother undergoes the IVF treatment with the purpose of achieving pregnancy. During the course of the treatment, the intended mother’s eggs and the intended father’s sperms are fused together in a lab for creating an embryo. The embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother and eventually, she becomes pregnant. She carries the baby to full term and delivers it to the intended parents in due course. It is an extensively performed method of surrogacy as it gives the benefit of having a biologically related baby. The surrogate does not share genetic ties with the baby and agrees to make the intended parents the legal parents of the child.

Surrogacy Cost in Atlanta
Surrogacy Cost in Atlanta

Criteria for choosing a Surrogate Mother in Atlanta

Surrogacy is also altruistically performed, which means the intended parents can get the services of a family member or a friend that agrees to get pregnant without expecting anything in return. On the other hand, the surrogate can be chosen from the fertility centre where you are undergoing the surrogacy treatment.

For becoming a surrogate mother, a woman has to conform to the following criteria:

  • She should be between the ages of 22 and 39.
  • She should have the experience of giving birth to at least one child.
  • She should have good mental and physical health.
  • She should have healthy body weight and a BMI ranging up to 28.
  • She should have good reproductive health and does not have medical history.
  • She should not have any type of addictions such as smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

Acceptable Surrogacy Cost in Atlanta

Fertility Centre Georgia is a renowned fertility centre in Georgia that offers a highly reasonable cost for surrogacy in Atlanta. The patients receive the best facilities and amenities at the affordable cost of surrogacy in Atlanta. Our fertility experts have a wide range of experience in performing the supreme quality fertility treatment in Atlanta. The surrogacy cost in Atlanta ranges between USD 38,000 to USD 52,000. The cost mentioned includes the cost of all necessary procedures that take place during the treatment such as the cost of the medication, the cost of the fertility specialist, the cost of the surrogate mother, etc. This is the lowest price range that you can get for surrogacy in Atlanta.

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