IVF Cost in Tbilisi 2020

What is The Cost of IVF in Tbilisi, Georgia 2021?

In Vitro Fertilization in Tbilisi

Infertility is a severe reproductive issue impeding the natural ability of a couple to experience the joy of parenthood. It has become a widespread problem and continues to spread and affect couples around the globe. To address the issue, assisted reproductive technology treatment came into action for curing the disease of infertility and enabling infertile couples in getting pregnant. Out of the various ART methods, IVF is the extensively employed method where pregnancy is achieved with the assistance of a treatment performed under the auspices of certified fertility experts.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a technical method of attaining fertilization, performed for childless couples who have lost all hopes of becoming parents and now taking the help of technology for completing their dream. During IVF in Tbilisi, conception is obtained artificially by joining together the eggs and sperms received from the concerned parents or donors. The fertility treatment is proven to beneficial in helping a lot of infertile couples achieving their dream of parenthood. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the success in an IVF treatment such as the quality of eggs, motility of sperms, healthy development of an embryo, etc. Failure in any one of these aspects will provide unsuccessful outcomes in fertility treatment.

IVF Treatment Cost in Tbilisi 2021
IVF Treatment Cost in Tbilisi 2021

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, another crucial element is the fertility hospital or specialists you choose for undergoing the IVF treatment. Fertility Centre Georgia is a renowned fertility services provider in Georgia that works in conjunction with the best fertility specialists and medical professionals. We offer an economical IVF cost in Tbilisi. Also, our success rates for fertility treatments are higher when contrasted to that of fertility clinics or hospitals of developed nations, which is the reason that compels the international patients to choose Georgia for their medical tourism.

How is a single IVF cycle executed?

Preparing for an IVF treatment is not something you do when you are in the hospital as beginning the preparations before three months is advised for enhancing the chances of conception. Getting the best quality IVF in Tbilisi is a significant factor when it comes to achieving success in a fertility treatment but taking care of your fertile health even before you make headway towards the IVF treatment is always an added advantage. Before moving onto the course of the IVF treatment, the doctor will prescribe fertility drugs to the patient, the cost of which would be incorporated in the reasonable IVF Cost in Tbilisi

The purpose of the medication is to enable the healthy production of fertile eggs by the woman’s ovaries. Once the maturity of eggs is evident, they are taken out of the ovarian follicle with the assistance of a hollow needle. The retrieved eggs are then used for the next step of the process, which is semen collection. The concerned male partner or a donor is asked to provide his semen sample for identifying the highest quality of sperms for fertilization. The sperms are obtained from the semen sample after washing them so that it becomes easier to select the best-quality sperms for the subsequent step. 

Collected sperms are mixed with eggs in a petri dish in a laboratory for attaining fertilization. The fertilization results in the formation of one or more embryos and the embryos take another 4-5 days in order to develop completely. Then, embryo transfer is done in which the embryos are implanted inside the womb of the patient. And as a result, pregnancy takes place within two weeks and is confirmed with the help of several ultrasounds.

Low-priced IVF Cost in Tbilisi

The cost of IVF in Tbilisi is USD 3300 to USD 3500, which is the most reasonable cost you can get offered in the capital city of Georgia. This price range incorporates the expense of all the essential procedures that takes Place during IVF treatment in Tbilisi. Our low-cost is the reason that people prefer our services with the purpose of getting a fertility treatment in Georgia. We are a famous fertility treatment services provider in Georgia that helps the patients in receiving the best fertility treatment within an affordable price range. Our highly sensible prices why patients from all parts of the world choose Georgia for their fertility tourism. IVF is the most effective fertility treatment for making pregnancy achievable. It is a treatment where conception is achieved outside the human’s body, thus, ignoring the various steps that are involved in a natural method of attaining conception. We at Fertility Centre Georgia, have the best fertility experts who put all their efforts in making certain that you receive success in your fertility treatment. Our team provides extensive care and assistance to the patients at each step of their fertility treatment and won’t rest until success in your fertility treatment is achieved.

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