Cost of IVF with Donor egg in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with Donor egg in Georgia 2021?

IVF is a complex treatment including various processes and is done to deal with the problem of infertility. The course of IVF includes the use of various eggs received from the process of egg retrieval and mixing them with the sperms obtained from the semen sample. It is a process that makes it possible to attain fertilization outside the body and has provided assistance to millions of infertile couples in building their family. The reason that compels the couple to take the road of a fertility treatment is infertility; a condition in which a couple cannot get pregnant after having intercourse for 6 months to a year.

The intricacy of an infertility issue differs from patient to patient as some may have a simple problem that can be cured with a basic ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method while other infertility problems are more severe and only advanced fertility methods such as IVF can help conquer the problem. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the most famous and widely performed ART method and millions of couples worldwide have received a benefit from it.

The one thing that makes the couple think twice before undergoing the IVF treatment is the cost and the uncertain chances of success in the treatment. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have well-known fertility experts and IVF specialists having performed several IVF treatments with fruitful outcomes. Our medical tourism company also offers a highly affordable cost of IVF with a donor egg in Georgia, which makes Georgia the preferred destination for IVF treatment.

Who is a candidate for IVF with a donor egg?

The quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs diminish with her growing age and a negligible amount is left after she reaches 35. A woman’s fertility is at its highest at 25 and starts to decline after she hits 30. Therefore, using a donor egg becomes essential if you do not have enough eggs left in your reservoir for a pregnancy. A suitable candidate for IVF with donor egg is women who cannot provide her eggs for the process of IVF due to the unavailability or other health concerns.

The use of donor eggs deprives the woman of sharing genetic ties with the baby but she will still be biologically related to the baby because she is going to carry the pregnancy. IVF treatment has opened the path to parenthood to couples with different infertility problems by providing IVF with donor egg and also, IVF with donor sperm.

Below are the ideal candidates for IVF with a donor egg in Georgia.

  • Women with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Women who have undergone a surgical menopause
  • Women who had premature ovarian failure
  • Woman with a genetic disorder who do not want to pass it on to the baby
  • Women who have hit menopause (naturally)

Making the Cost of IVF with Donor Egg in Georgia bearable

IVF with donor egg is a treatment in which donor eggs are used for completing the process of the IVF treatment. During the treatment, the egg donor is given fertility medicines to induce the ovulation cycle and increasing the production of eggs. The eggs are observed continuously via ultrasounds and are taken from the ovaries in the process of egg retrieval when mature. These eggs are combined with the father sperms in a laboratory petri dish. This leads to the formation of the embryo, which is transferred to the woman’s uterus who acquired the services of an egg donor. The woman attains pregnancy after about 14 days, which is confirmed by performing a blood test on her.

The procedure explained above includes various costs as different stages are involved in the treatment with different complexities. Therefore, you must choose the best fertility center for your IVF with donor egg treatment that offers the finest quality treatment at the lowest price. Fertility Centre Georgia is a prominent medical tourism company in Georgia that offers the best price range for IVF with donor egg in Georgia and the services of the best egg donors that are properly screened before confirming them as a potential egg donor. Our egg donors are the healthiest and a lot of patients have received success in their IVF treatment by using their eggs.

The cost of IVF with donor egg in Georgia comes under the price bracket of USD 3500 to USD 3800 where USD 2000 is the cost of the donor egg. We assure a satisfactory treatment to our patients with successive results. Also, our success rates for IVF are the highest, which makes us the best option for undergoing IVF treatment in Georgia.

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