Cost of IVF with frozen eggs in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with Frozen Embryos in Georgia 2021?

Using frozen embryos for completing the IVF cycle

Frozen embryos are used in a procedure called FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer which is performed as a part of a conventional IVF cycle. As opposed to fresh embryos, which are transferred to a woman’s uterus as a subsequent step during the process of IVF, frozen embryos are the ones kept in the lab by freezing at a low temperature and taken out only when required. These embryos can be the leftover embryos from the IVF cycle of a couple or can be the donor embryos frozen for purpose donating it to the other couples in return for money.

The reason why embryos are frozen is many times the remaining embryos from the IVF treatment. The aim behind creating multiple embryos in the IVF is having assured chances of conception where multiple eggs are used for fertilization that leads to the formation of various embryos. For utilizing the frozen embryos in IVF treatment, they are thawed until they reach a normal temperature and are ready for implantation in the woman’s womb.

If the frozen embryos are donated, then the couple using these embryos can have the highest chances of success as the donor embryos are of the best quality since they are created with the help of highly fertile egg or sperm donors that undergo medical extensive medical testing before providing their gametes. We at Fertility Centre Georgia provide an effective fertility treatment to the patients at our various network fertility hospitals with the highest chances of success in the same. Our medical tourism company has fertility and IVF experts that embryo advanced equipment when conducting different types of fertility treatments.

Cryopreserved embryos or fresh embryos – which gives the high chances of success in IVF?

After analyzing and contrasting the couple that uses frozen embryo with the couple that uses fresh embryo, it is has been observed there was no such difference in the chances of success; the percentage of success with fresh and frozen embryos was almost the same and the difference was negligible enough to confirm the fact as to which embryo is best. But the cost of IVF with frozen embryos is a little less than the cost of using fresh embryos because of the non-requirement of fertility drugs.

Therefore, when it comes to using frozen embryo or fresh embryo, you can go for either as it will not greatly impact the chances with which you attain conception with the help of IVF treatment. But there are other factors capable of impacting the IVF results such as the age of the woman, dosages of fertility drugs, the medical health of the couple, etc.

When to use frozen embryos?

Frozen embryos can be the best option in the circumstances where IVF cycle failure happens or can happen due to the bad quality of the embryos. Cryopreserved embryos are usually there because of their excess production during the IVF treatment. It is not possible to transfer to more than two embryos because it will increase the risk of multiple pregnancies and other complications.

It will be wise to option the leftover embryos if the same embryos assisted you in successfully conceiving in your previous IVF cycle. If you wish to have another baby, then it is best to use your remaining embryos from the last IVF cycle. In a fresh frozen embryo IVF cycle, various fertility medicines in high dosages are given to the woman that can put her at the risk of developing OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). Therefore, for keeping the OHSS risk at bay, frozen embryos can be used.

Find the affordable cost of IVF with frozen embryos in Georgia

Fertility Centre Georgia is a popular medical tourism company in Georgia that operates with the best fertility experts holding over thirty years of experience in providing superlative quality fertility treatments to the patients. Our fertility specialists effectively diagnose the condition of the patient and perform the best suitable course of fertility treatment. We offer highly reasonable prices for different types of medical and fertility treatment with high chances of success.

The cost of IVF with frozen embryos is determined when you consult with our highly experienced fertility specialists. However, we offer a cost-effective range for IVF with frozen embryos which lie in the pocket range of most patients. We offer the lowest cost for different IVF cycles and the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment. Once you start your treatment at our network fertility clinic, you do not have to worry about anything as our team provides immense care and attention to the patients at each step of their fertility treatment.

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