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What is The Cost of Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia 2021?

Surrogacy – Hire a Womb in Tbilisi

Surrogacy is a term used for a type of arrangement in which the infertile couples or intended parents utilize the services of a woman who agrees to carry on the task of pregnancy for them in exchange of money. However, there is a type of surrogacy called altruistic surrogacy, where the hired surrogate mother does not receive compensation in return of her services. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we offer a highly affordable cost of surrogacy in Tbilisi. We provide both widely performed types of surrogacy services, that is, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Apart from the two main types of surrogacy, one more type is known as altruistic surrogacy and is included in the domain of surrogacy. In an altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother chosen for carrying the child of the intended parents is either their friend or someone from their family. Thus, it significantly reduces the cost of undergoing the surrogacy process as the surrogate mother will provide her services without expecting any form of compensation in return. We provide the most efficient treatment for any type of surrogacy that you choose to undergo at our fertility clinic.

Surrogacy in Tbilisi is a highly effective surrogacy treatment where a surrogate mother provides her services for the intended parents, who are, because of various reasons, unable to successfully execute the task of getting pregnant on their own. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have the best fertility experts with over fifteen years of experience in effectively performing different types of surrogacy treatment. Our sensible cost and the facility of receiving treatment under a world-class infrastructure is the reason why couples from all over the world choose Tbilisi for their fertility treatment.

Cost of Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia 2021
Cost of Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia 2021

Types of Surrogacy in Tbilisi

There are mainly two types of surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Traditional Surrogacy. It is a not so commonly performed type of surrogacy in which the selected surrogate mother employs her own eggs for facilitating pregnancy. During the process, she gets artificially inseminated with sperms of the father or a sperm donor and subsequently, gets pregnant and delivers the baby to the intended parents after nine months. This is a less favourable surrogacy treatment as the surrogate mother becomes genetically related to the baby owing to the usage of her eggs for getting pregnant. However, the father still remains biologically connected to the baby provided his sperms are used in the process.

Gestational Surrogacy. Also referred to as a gestational carrier, is a type of surrogacy arrangement in which the eggs and sperms used for the pregnancy are acquired from the intended parents and then are transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother so that she can execute the task of getting pregnant for them. This way, the surrogate has no genetic ties attached to the baby. It is a preferable type of surrogacy as it provides the facility of having a biologically related child to both the parents and at least one of the parents if the eggs or sperms used for the process are of a donor.

The Complete Process of Gestational Surrogacy

As gestational surrogacy is a more extensively performed surrogacy treatment, we are going to discuss about the process as to how it is performed at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Tbilisi. Gestational surrogacy involves the use of IVF method, which is another popular type of fertility treatment option where fertilization is achieved via a technical way. The chosen surrogate has to take fertility medication as a starting step into the process of getting pregnant for the intended parents. After confirming the maturity of the eggs, they are retrieved from the ovaries by the instrumentality of a procedure called egg retrieval.

The collected eggs are mixed with the sperms in a petri dish, received from the intended father or a sperm donor. This mixture leads to the development of an embryo, which is left in the lab for another 4-5 days so that it can completely mature and develop. Afterwards, the surrogate comes into the play, and the resulted embryo is implanted into the womb of the surrogate. According, she carries the baby to full term and delivers it to the intended parents when the time comes.

The procedure does not grant any type of parental right to the surrogate, and she has to relinquish any type of legal right on the child born by her. Before undergoing the surrogacy process, an agreement in made between the concerned parties, which is backed by law. We at Fertility Centre Georgia, make sure that our patients undergoing the surrogacy treatment should know about all the important steps in the process and the whole process is utterly transparent for both the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

Pick Fertility Centre Georgia for Surrogacy in Tbilisi

Fertility Centre Georgia is the best fertility clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia for availing the most sensible surrogacy cost in Tbilisi. We provide our patients with the best surrogacy treatment services at highly reasonable prices. Our patients benefit from the first-class infrastructure and the best quality of surrogacy treatment in Georgia. They possess over fifteen years of experience in performing a lot of successful treatment cases in Tbilisi and helping patients in achieving their dream of becoming a parent. The cost of surrogacy in Tbilisi comes under the price bracket of USD 38,000 to USD 52,000 in which the cost of the medication, the cost of the treatment, and other managerial costs are involved. This is the lowest price range you can get for receiving the treatment of surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our fairly priced treatment cost is the reason that captures the attention of the international patients and urges them to choose Tbilisi for their medical tourism.

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