Cost of IVF with frozen eggs in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with Frozen Eggs in Georgia 2021?

Treating infertility with frozen eggs in Georgia

In a conventional IVF treatment cycle, for retrieving the eggs, the menstrual cycle of the egg donor has to align with the recipient’s cycle when they are using fresh eggs or donor eggs in the treatment. If the cycle turns into a failure or the eggs do not fertilize effectively, the fertility clinic has to rearrange everything so that they can restart the procedure, which increases the time, effort, and the cost of the IVF treatment of the patient.

To facilitate the process of IVF treatment, oocyte cryopreservation comes into the picture where the couples can choose to use frozen eggs for completing their IVF cycle at any time they want to during the process of their IVF cycle. The procedure of oocyte cryopreservation includes freezing the fertile eggs received from an egg donor at a low temperature in the lab so that they can be used in the future when required. This ensures the usability and quality of eggs as they can be used for promoting effective fertilization at a later date.

Use of frozen eggs may also help in lowering down the cost of the IVF treatment because only best-quality eggs are frozen for future use, which means the chances of success in IVF will be more certain as compared to the use of fresh eggs. Fertility Centre Georgia is a medical travel agency in Georgia operating with the top-class fertility hospitals and specialists. We offer a highly reasonable cost of IVF with frozen eggs in Georgia and the services of the world-class fertility experts for IVF treatment.

Frozen eggs or fresh eggs- which are better for IVF?

Frozen eggs can be the best option for you if you are not sure about your ability to produce healthy and fertile eggs in adequate quantity, which are essential for success in the IVF treatment. But if you are a woman below 30, then it is possible that you still have enough eggs remaining and do not have to take the help of frozen eggs, since you will be able to get the best results in the treatment. However, in case you are thinking of using donor eggs, then frozen eggs will be the best option.

The quality of the frozen eggs stays intact and the eggs frozen are of the healthy egg donors who provide their eggs only after undergoing comprehensive screening and medical diagnosis that helps in confirming their eligibility for the same. The cost of frozen eggs is less as compared to the IVF cycle with donor eggs because the frozen eggs gives the highest chances of positive outcomes in the treatment due to their assured quality.

For using fresh eggs, a lot of time and effort is used since the cycles of the egg donor and the recipient have to be synchronized and this may be done multiple times if success is not achieved in a single IVF cycle. The whole process leads to various delays during the time required for selecting the donor, then syncing the cycles, and then again aligning the cycles if the first one fails. The type of eggs you wish to have for your IVF cycle depends on your preferences, what you are willing to undergo to get better results in the IVF, and your medical condition.

The procedure of IVF with frozen eggs

The process of IVF with frozen eggs is less complicated as the doctor does not have to give fertility medication to the patient or perform the process of egg retrieval for acquiring the eggs. In the course of IVF with frozen eggs treatment, the father has to provide his semen sample from where the doctor will pick the high motility sperms that are to be used in the process of fertilization.

The frozen eggs will be taken from the lab where they were kept for future use and will be thawed so that they can be ready to use. Once the eggs are normalized, they are mixed with the sperms in a laboratory petri dish. This leads to the formation of embryos, which will be placed inside the recipient’s uterus during embryo transfer. At last, the doctor will conduct blood tests and ultrasounds to ensure the occurrence of a healthy pregnancy.

Lowest Cost of IVF with frozen eggs in Georgia

Fertility Centre Georgia provides the best price range for IVF with frozen eggs in Georgia for patients seeking fertility treatment with frozen eggs to have a better shot at pregnancy. We are a medical tourism company is associated with the top-notch fertility specialists and IVF doctors known for offering the successive results to patients who visit them for their infertility treatment. Our success rates for IVF treatment are the highest when contrasted with other fertility hospitals in Georgia.

The cost of IVF with frozen eggs in Georgia is the most affordable but for finding the exact you have to consult with other fertility experts. The cost varies conforming to different conditions of the patients and we offer the lowest cost possible to our patients. Our final price range includes the cost of all the treatment that will be performed during the process of IVF with frozen eggs and you do not have to pay any additional costs once you have made the final payment.

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