Cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with Donor Embryo in Georgia 2021?

Affordable IVF with Donor Embryo in Georgia

Donor embryo or embryo donation is becoming a famous process for growing family wherein the embryos made by some other couple are handed over to another couple to help them build their family. For infertile couples deciding to take the help of a fertility treatment get confused with various options in front of them for having a baby and one of their greatest worries is the cost of the method, they choose to undergo.

Many couples choose the IVF treatment where they provide their sperms and eggs for creating an embryo, which will then be introduced back to the female partner’s uterus. But due to various reasons, sometimes it happens that the embryo is of bad-quality or fails to get attached to the uterine lining. Such condition leads to an IVF cycle failure and when it is confirmed that the failure was due to the poor quality of embryos, the best option is to acquire a donor embryo by undergoing the process of embryo adoption in Georgia.

The use of the embryo created by some other couple significantly increases the chances of success in the IVF treatment of the patient provided they are of the best quality for implantation. Fertility Centre Georgia is a widely acknowledged medical tourism company in Georgia that provide the most efficacious process of embryo donation at the lowest cost of IVF with embryo donor in Georgia. We have highly-qualified fertility experts and embryologists that strive to provide the best fertility treatment to the patients for assuring the positive results.

IVF with Donor Embryo Process in Georgia

The IVF with embryo donation process involves first obtaining the embryo for transfer into the woman’s uterus. The embryos at our network fertility hospitals are made by using the finest quality male and female gametes, which results in the creation of the best-quality embryo and the highest chances of achieving success in pregnancy with those embryos.

Selecting the Donor Embryo

The first step includes finding the best fertility centre in your area that offers finest-quality fertility treatments with the highest surety of success in the treatment. Make sure that they provide an affordable cost of IVF with Embryo Donor in Georgia and the services of well-qualified fertility experts. Before beginning the IVF treatment, you have to select that suitable embryo for your treatment by consulting with your medical expert.

Testing the embryo quality

The embryo selected has to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis by the embryologist for identifying chromosomal anomalies or hereditary defects within the embryo to make sure that a perfect embryo will get implanted inside the recipient’s uterus. The embryo has to be of the best quality otherwise success in accomplishing healthy pregnancy will not be possible.

Making a legal contract for the donor embryo adoption

Once the quality of the embryo is assured, the couple using the embryo has to sign a legal contract where they agree to use the embryo for their IVF treatment. This is done for making the process legally transparent.

Preparing the embryo for implantation

After performing all formalities, the embryo is taken out from the lab where it was kept frozen for future use. The embryo has to be thawed for making it ready for implantation. The embryos created by some other couple are kept in the lab by freezing them at a very temperature so that their quality remains intact.

Creating a receptive environment in the woman’s body for embryo implantation

For embryo implantation, it is important for the patient to have a fertile environment inside her body that allows effective embryo implantation. She is given some medication in accordance with her health condition at the time of embryo transfer. During the process of embryo transfer, the surgeon transfers the donor embryo into the recipient’s uterus. After about two weeks, blood tests and ultrasounds are done for confirming pregnancy and success in fertility treatment.

Reasonable cost of IVF with donor embryo in Georgia

Donor embryo is needed when the couple is not able to produce a good quality embryo due to different reasons such as the bad-quality eggs produced by woman, poorly functioning ovaries, diminished ovarian reserve, couple with genetic disorder not wishing to transmit the same to the child with their embryo, failure in IVF cycle, etc. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have highly qualified fertility specialists and IVF experts that have performed a number of successful fertility treatments and have experience of over 30 years.

The cost of IVF with donor embryo in Georgia varies in accordance with the patient’s requirements and the final cost is only estimated after you receive a consultation with our medical expert. However, we offer the most economical cost to our patients for different fertility treatments and do not charge them anything apart from the actual cost of the treatment.

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