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Which is the Best Surrogacy Agency in Georgia 2021?

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Surrogacy is a process by which the infertile couples hire a surrogate that undertakes the task of getting pregnant on their behalf. She gives her consent for carrying the baby in return for some compensation or may provide her services on an altruistic basis. The main reason why the couple has to take the aid of some other woman is the inability of the mother to carry the baby in her womb. It is the best choice for couples who desire to share biological ties with the baby. You have landed in the right place in case you are searching for the best surrogacy agency in Georgia as we have the best fertility experts with considerable expertise in the area of fertility.

It is a treatment option for couples where the woman is unable to carry the pregnancy or is at a higher risk of a miscarriage. If the woman faces difficulty carrying pregnancy to term at any step of the treatment, then she may have to take the services of a surrogate in order to get a child. At the end of the process, the surrogate has to renounce any legal rights on the child and she cannot be called as the mother of the child. The rights on the child are given to the intended parents who have chosen the surrogate to perform the task of pregnancy.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, our fertility specialists are well-experienced in providing the coveted outcomes for the treatment of surrogacy. Our team at the fertility centre provides immense care and support to the patients at each step of the treatment. We understand that surrogacy is a long and complicated process and care should be taken for getting effective results in the treatment. We are the best surrogacy agency in Georgia providing the finest quality services to the patients from the past fifteen years.

Types of Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy treatment can be arranged by two methods, gestational surrogacy, and traditional surrogacy. Let’s under the process of both types of surrogacy treatments.

Gestational Surrogacy. This is the most famous and widely performed method of surrogacy. The reason behind its popularity is the benefit of having a genetic child. During the process of gestational surrogacy, the eggs and the sperms used are of the intended parents in a conventional process of IVF treatment. The embryo created from the fertilization is placed into the womb of the surrogate by embryo transfer. Accordingly, she gets pregnant and delivers the baby to the intended parents in the end. It is a preferred arrangement of surrogacy as the baby gets biologically related to both the parents.

Traditional Surrogacy. In this arrangement of surrogacy, the chosen surrogate is artificially inseminated with the sperms of the father or a sperm donor, which means she uses her own eggs for effectuating fertilization and pregnancy. The treatment is not as popular as the surrogate gets genetically related to the baby, which is not a favorable situation. However, the father remains to be the genetic father if his sperms are used in the process.

Best Surrogacy Agency in Georgia
Best Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

Choosing the best Surrogate Mother in Georgia

It is important to ensure that surrogate chosen for the process is at her healthiest for ensuring the highest chances of success in the treatment. At Fertility Centre Georgia, the woman has to undergo an extensive evaluation before confirming her suitability as a surrogate.

Following is the list of things that help qualify a woman as a surrogate in Georgia.

  • A good reproductive and overall health and no medical history of serious illness or disease.
  • Her age range should be between 21-39 years of age.
  • She should not have any type of addictions such as smoking, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • She should have given birth at least to one child.
  • Her previous pregnancy experience should be good and without involving any major complications.
  • She should have a healthy weight with a BMI up to 28.
  • Her mental health should be good and she should not have any type of mental disorder.

Seeking the best Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

Surrogacy is a complex process and before settling down on a fertility clinic for the treatment, one should analyze all their options as they have to invest a considerable amount of time and money in the treatment. Our fertility specialists have over fifteen years of experience in providing effective treatment for surrogacy in Georgia. We are widely known as a prominent surrogacy agency in Georgia as we offer the most reasonable cost for surrogacy in Georgia. We never undermine the quality of the treatment and make sure to give our patients the best treatment at the lowest price possible. Our surrogates are healthy and the infertile couples are given the option to choose the appropriate surrogate for their treatment. The success rates at our fertility clinic for various types of fertility treatments are significantly high, which is why international patients from the developed nations fly to Georgia with the intention of receiving positive outcomes in their surrogacy treatment.

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