Ovulation Induction treatment Cost in Georgia

Where to Get a Reasonable Cost of Ovulation Induction in Georgia 2021?

Ovulation Induction in Georgia

For a healthy pregnancy to occur, it is crucial that your ovaries ovulate properly and timely to produce healthy eggs. Sometimes it happens that ovulation doesn’t occur in the desired manner, which makes it essential for a woman to take medication and other therapies if she wishes to get pregnant. There are plethora of reasons for such inefficiency of ovaries such as unhealthy weight, stress, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease, high prolactin levels, PCOS, etc, and one of the major causes of ineffective ovulation is menopause. At Fertility Centre Georgia, we are well-known for providing the finest quality ovulation induction treatment at an acceptable ovulation induction cost in Georgia.

Our fertility specialists effectively diagnose the patient’s condition before operating them for any kind of treatment. The doctors perform various tests and ultrasounds on the woman to evaluate the condition of her ovaries and find out the period for which her ovaries are most healthy. The fertility experts cautiously assess her different types of hormone levels such as FSH, prolactin, androgens, testosterone, etc. This examination helps in conforming whether the ovulation induction treatment will be effective for the woman or not.

Fertility Centre Georgia is the best fertility centre in Georgia for receiving the finest quality ovulation induction treatment as we have a team of highly skilled fertility experts adept at performing various kinds of fertility treatments. They make sure that the patients receive the highest quality treatment at an affordable price. We have a well-equipped lab and latest technology for effectuating the best results in the fertility treatments. Our highly reasonable price is the reason that captures the attention of the international patients and compels them to choose Georgia for getting the best ovulation induction treatment cost in Georgia.

Types of Ovulation Induction Treatment

Ovulation induction treatment is given in accordance with the condition of the woman’s ovaries. Sometimes fertility medication alone do the work of stimulating her ovaries, while in other cases the woman has to be given strong fertility injections for making her ovaries produce a sufficient quantity of fertile eggs. We provide the best treatment in conformity with patient’s needs at an acceptable ovulation induction treatment cost in Georgia. Our team put concerted efforts in ensuring that you receive the highest quality treatment.

Ovulation induction treatment is done in two ways, by fertility medications or fertility injections. In most cases, oral medication is effective in inducing your ovulation cycle. On the other hand, if medication failed to stimulate the ovaries, then the next step to give FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) injection to the woman.

Fertility Medication

Clomiphene Citrate or Clomid is the most common fertility medication given to the woman for the purpose of increasing hormone levels, which in turn aids in the development of more ovarian follicles. These follicles release eggs once they are fully developed, which are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Injections

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) injection is given when medication is not adequate enough to produce the desired results. The doctor injects the hormone under your skin with the aid of a sharp needle with the purpose of accelerating the production of eggs. The doctor may also give HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) injection for inducing ovulation after the follicles have matured.

Process of Ovulation Induction

Before beginning the ovulation induction treatment, our fertility specialists will carefully assess your ovulation cycle in order to determine the fluctuations in your hormone levels. Several tests and ultrasounds will be done for evaluating the appearance of the outer layer of your ovaries and the process of development of ovarian follicles.

Accordingly, the required fertility medicines dosage will be given to you with the aim of enhancing the production of eggs. The doctor will inform you or discuss with you about the process and the quantity of medication. Then, various ultrasounds will be conducted for the effective monitoring of the quantity and size of the follicles.

Around the time of ovulation, the doctor will suggest you undergoing fertility treatment or have sexual intercourse in order to increase your chances of conception. Our fertility doctors advise you the most appropriate time for the next step of the process in coordination with the ovulation induction treatment given.

Who should go for Ovulation Induction?

Ovulation induction is a suitable treatment option for women who produce low levels of hormones necessary for ovulation. We provide ovulation induction treatment at a low ovulation induction cost in Georgia. Also, women who ovulate more often than usual or who do not ovulate at all are appropriate candidates for ovulation induction treatment in Georgia. The quantity and type of medication given to the woman are dependent on the exact cause of ovulation problems.

Below is the list of suitable candidates for ovulation induction treatment in Georgia:

  • Women who have an irregular menstrual cycle in spite of having healthy fallopian tubes.
  • Premenopausal women can undergo ovulation induction treatment.
  • Women diagnosed with unexplained infertility can benefit from the ovulation induction treatment.
  • Women undergoing IVF treatment can also take the help of ovulation induction as it helps in maximizing the production of eggs.
Ovulation Induction treatment Cost in Georgia
Ovulation Induction treatment Cost in Georgia

Affordable Ovulation Induction Cost in Georgia

The cost of ovulation induction in Georgia ranges between USD 200 to USD 800. The variation in the cost is to accommodate the different requirements of the patient. A course of treatment effective for one patient may not produce desired results for the other patient, that’s why the ovulation induction charges differ. In some cases, it is easy to stimulate the ovaries with Clomid alone and the patient may not have to take the fertility injections. While in other cases, an HCG shot is required for the better stimulation of the ovaries. That’s why the patient is given the combination of different ovulation induction treatment for producing the best effective results. However, this is the most reasonable price that you can get for the highest quality treatment at an economical ovulation induction treatment cost in Georgia. We have prominent fertility doctors who have over fifteen years of experience in performing successful fertility treatments. In addition to the first-class treatment, our patients avail the benefits of receiving treatment under a great infrastructure. All of the facilities and amenities are given at a low price, which is why patients from all parts of the world visit Georgia for their fertility tourism.

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