Cost of IVF with ICSI in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with ICSI in Georgia 2021?

What is IVF with ICSI?

IVF with ICSI or IVF ICSI is a modern fertility treatment where a single sperm cell is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the egg. Unlike the conventional IVF treatment in which several sperms are fused with the eggs in a lab, the IVF ICSI treatment involves the direct insertion of a single sperm into the egg. This is an enhanced version of IVF and is used when the couples do not get the successive results with the application of the traditional IVF method.

This method of assisted reproduction is highly useful in dealing with severe male factor infertility because it eliminates the steps included in the natural process of achieving conception where the sperms have to pass through various stages before they interact with the eggs. IVF with ICSI is the best treatment when there are very low amounts of sperms produced by men or the sperms are immotile. The sperm that gets injected directly into the egg is highly motile and is selected by using a special method, which significantly increases the chances of conception as there is no doubt left about the sperm reaching and fertilizing the egg.

The procedure of IVF and IVF with ICSI is the same and differ only on the way by which fertilization is attained. Georgia is becoming a popular county day-by-day for receiving fertility treatment owing to the availability of finest fertility treatment by the highly-qualified fertility experts. We at Fertility Centre Georgia, are associated with the well-experienced fertility specialists and IVF experts having ample experience in performing and solving even the most intricate cases of infertility. We offer an economical price range for the cost of IVF with ICSI in Georgia in conjunction with the services of top-notch medical professionals.

Why is IVF with ICSI performed?

IVF with ICSI treatment is usually employed when the couple has experienced failure with other fertility treatment mainly IVF. The treatment can also be used as the first fertility treatment option if the couple is willing to pay for advanced fertility treatment or want to have the highest chances of success in their fertility treatment.

Here are the common conditions that indicate the need for IVF with ICSI treatment in Georgia.

  • When the couple experiences a failed IVF cycle due to ineffective fertilization.
  • When the male partner has extremely bad or abnormal morphology of sperms.
  • When the sperms produced by the male partner are immotile and cannot travel to reach the egg.
  • When the man has ejaculatory dysfunctions, usually retrograde ejaculation where the sperms travel back to the bladder and do not come out of the urethra.
  • When the man experiences decreased sperm count but the sperms could be recovered from different SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) methods and used for injecting into the egg.
  • When no sperms are found in the ejaculated semen of the male partner due to ineffective sperm production which happens as a result of conditions such as non-obstructive azoospermia, obstructive azoospermia, etc.

Success rates of IVF with ICSI treatment

The success rates for IVF with ICSI depend on various factors and the most important factor being the age of the patient. The patient with different age experiences varied chances of success in IVF ICSI. Women below 35 have higher chances of achieving success in IVF with ICSI as compared to the women above 40. However, the network fertility hospitals linked with our medical tourism company offer the highest success rates for IVF with ICSI treatment in Georgia when contrasting the same with other developed nations.

 Success in ICSI treatment largely depends on the quality of eggs of the woman or the embryos produced as a result of the ICSI treatment. It is important to get assured of the best quality of your eggs and the fertile health of the patient before you go for IVF with ICSI treatment in Georgia.

IVF with ICSI treatment at Fertility Centre Georgia

Fertility Centre Georgia provides the services of its world-class fertility specialists within a cost-effective price range. Our doctors have hands-on experience of conducting various successful cases of IVF with ICSI in Georgia and continue to provide their fertility services at a low cost to the patients. In addition to the quality treatment, our patients also get a comfortable treatment experience and do not have to face any troubles when undergoing treatment at our network hospital.

The cost of IVF with ICSI in Georgia starts from USD 5000, which is only the cost for the ICSI procedure. The price range includes the cost of the relevant procedures that take place during the treatment. Our success rates for IVF with ICSI are highest in the country which makes us the best place to have ICSI treatment. We thrive to provide the patient with the best fertility treatment so that they can enjoy their life as a parent.

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