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What is the Cost of IVF with Sperm Donor in Georgia 2021?

Sperm donor for couples with male factor infertility

The aid of a sperm donor is taken when the cause of infertility lies in the man and is generally due to his inability to produce a sufficient amount of sperms for the process of conception. Infertility is the term for the inefficiency of a couple at making their own through the natural method. While it is natural to have a preconceived notion that infertility is caused only due to women but in various instances, it has been observed that men are also responsible for the problem of infertility and some times the sole reason behind infertility is male factor infertility.

A sperm donor is a man that provides their sperms for the process of an IVF or an IUI treatment. During IVF, the donor sperms are used for promoting fertilization when the father sperm are not effective enough to fertilize the egg. There are various other reasons why donor sperms are used such as bad-quality sperms produced by the father, immotile sperms, not an adequate amount of sperms for fertilization, a man with azoospermia, ejaculatory difficulties, can take the help of a donor for receiving positive results in their IVF treatment.

At Fertility Centre Georgia, we have the profiles of the best sperm donors that our patients can choose from in order to find a suitable sperm donor. We are a famous medical tourism company in Georgia working in conjunction with first-class fertility hospitals and specialists. Our patients receive their IVF treatment from the best fertility experts and the services of a healthy sperm donor at a sensible cost of IVF with sperm donor in Georgia. Our reasonable prices and the treatment from the best fertility experts is the reason why patients from across the world choose Georgia for their IVF treatment.

Candidates for IVF with Sperm Donor in Georgia

IVF with sperm donor is needed when the male counterpart fails at making the required amount of healthy sperms for encouraging pregnancy in her female counterpart. In this scenario, the couple has the option to choose IVF with sperm donor where donor sperms are used in the process of IVF and helping the couple in building their family.

Here are some situations where IVF with sperm donor treatment is used.

  • When the male partner has a genetic disorder and does not want to pass it on to the baby through his sperms.
  • When a man has some genetic defects that do not let him produce an adequate quantity of sperms.
  • When the female partner cannot undergo the natural method of attaining conception due to some health reasons, can take the help of a sperm donor for achieving pregnancy.
  • When the male partner is diagnosed with severe male infertility issues such as oligospermia, azoospermia, etc.
  • When the man has a very sperm count, bad sperm morphology, poor sperm motility, etc.
  • When the man has reproductive or other health issues that prevent him from doing intercourse.
  • When the male partner has conditions that stop the sperm from reaching the egg such as ejaculatory problems, erectile dysfunction, etc.
Cost of IVF with Sperm Donor in Georgia
Cost of IVF with Sperm Donor in Georgia

Process of IVF treatment with Sperm Donor in Georgia

The process of IVF with donor egg is the same as the one employed when performing the conventional method of IVF, differing only on the method by which sperms are obtained. After retrieving the eggs from the female partner’s ovaries, the sperm donor is invited to the clinic to provide his semen sample. The semen sample is washed for picking the finest sperms for combining with the eggs in the lab. The combination of eggs and sperms leads to the development of one or more embryos, which are implanted inside the uterus of the female partner. Pregnancy occurs after 14 days and is confirmed by performing a blood test and ultrasound on the female partner.

Fairly-priced Cost of IVF with Sperm Donor in Georgia

The cost of IVF with sperm donor in Georgia comes under the price range of USD 3800 to USD 4000 where the services of a sperm donor would cost you around USD 1000 to USD 2000. This is the price range that is offered for IVF with sperm donor in Georgia and is certainly the most affordable one. Fertility Centre Georgia is a well-established medical tourism agency in Georgia that offers the IVF treatment by the experienced fertility specialists and under the top-class hospitals to the patients. We have the highest rates for IVF treatment in Georgia and the availability of the best sperm donors.

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