vasectomy reversal surgery cost in Georgia

What is the Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in Georgia 2021?

What is a Vasectomy Reversal Surgery?

Vasectomy reversal surgery is a surgery done to reverse a vasectomy; vasectomy is a method of permanent birth control where vas deferens is closed off or sealed in order to prevent the sperms from entering the seminal fluid. It keeps the sperms from traveling through the vas deferens and mixes with the semen. A vasectomy reversal is performed for enabling the flow of sperm to the vas deferens and allowing the sperm to come out with the ejaculated semen. The aim of the surgery is to restore fertility after a man has undergone a vasectomy. We provide a reasonable vasectomy reversal surgery cost in Georgia.

If executed successfully, a vasectomy allows a couple to attain pregnancy again. It is a viable option for couples who want to extend their family because of different reasons. At Fertility Centre Georgia, our fertility specialists carefully diagnose the patient’s condition to see whether vasectomy reversal is possible or not. After analyzing their condition, they perform the most appropriate treatment on them. Our experts have extensive experience in providing the finest quality vasectomy reversal treatment at a reasonable cost of vasectomy reversal in Georgia.

Who should go for a Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy reversal surgery is for those who have undergone a vasectomy before and now wish to have more children. Whether vasectomy reversal is effective for you is dependent upon various factors and our specialist will cautiously assess your medical history for determining your eligibility for the reversal surgery.

Below is the list of candidates having higher chances of achieving success in the vasectomy reversal surgery.

  • Time is an important aspect when thinking of undergoing a vasectomy reversal in Georgia. If 15-20 years have passed since you had a vasectomy reversal, then there are high chances of success in attaining conception after vasectomy reversal surgery. Anything longer than that will significantly impact your chances of success in a vasectomy reversal surgery.
  • If vasectomy is the only surgery you had in your groin area, as having multiple surgeries in your groin area can negatively affect the possibility of having a successful vasectomy reversal surgery. While men who never had any other surgery in their groin area except for vasectomy, have higher chances of achieving success in a vasectomy reversal.
  • It is important that the surgeon removed only a small portion of the tubing of the vas deferens when you had a vasectomy. A large portion of tubal removal of the vas deferens can make a tubal reversal surgery difficult as there may not be enough tubes left for the process of reversal.

What is the process of Vasectomy Reversal?

Also known as a vasovasostomy, vasectomy reversal is a surgical specialty performed to restore male fertility and enabling him to induce pregnancy in his female counterpart. During the process of vasectomy reversal surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in the scrotum area in order to expose vas deferens and evaluate the blocked area where vasectomy was done. Then, he removes scar tissue from the two ends of the tube and joins them together. After joining, the vas deferens are introduced back in the scrotum and the incision is stitched.

The surgery can take about 3-4 hours to complete. The time taken for the surgery depends upon the complexity of the patient’s vasectomy. You do not have to spend the night at the hospital because it is an outpatient basis surgery. Our experts have more than fifteen years of experience in performing vasectomy reversal surgery in Georgia.

Get an affordable Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Cost in Georgia

The cost of a vasectomy reversal in Georgia is USD 3500 to USD 4000. We offer the most sensible cost for vasectomy reversal. Our surgeons have substantial expertise in performing supreme quality vasectomy reversal surgery. They make sure to provide the most effective surgery so that patients can receive success in their fertility treatment. Our fertility specialists use latest technology and sophisticated equipment when implementing different types of fertility treatment. They make sure that the patients receive the best treatment under great infrastructure and avail the best amenities. We provide the highest success rates for different kinds of fertility treatment. Our team thoroughly assists the patients in providing them an effective fertility treatment.

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