Cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia

What is the Cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia 2021?

IVF with PGD for increasing the possibility of a successful pregnancy

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) is a treatment performed to complement the IVF cycle for increasing the chances of conception. The PGD testing involves picking put some cells from the embryos formed with the help of IVF treatment to make sure that the embryo is devoid of chromosomal and genetic defects or hereditary illness. This avoids the risk of the transfer of a genetic disease to the future child.

The treatment is done when the couple is facing recurrent miscarriages or failure in the conventional IVF cycle in order to find the cause behind miscarriage. The treatment is done at a reasonable cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia at the various network hospitals of our well-known medical tourism company- Fertility Centre Georgia. We are the best fertility treatment services providers in Georgia offering different ART treatments of supreme quality and at an acceptable cost.

What does IVF with PGD involve?

The test is done upon the completion of IVF treatment and the formation of the embryo on which the genetic testing will be done. In IVF treatment, the male and female gametes are received from the couples for fusing them in a laboratory setting. The combination of the eggs and sperms results in the creation of an embryo, which will then be diagnosed for finding out genetic or chromosomal abnormalities in the process of PGD testing.

PGD for identifying genetic defects within an embryo

During the process of PGD testing in Georgia, the embryologist removes the cells from the outer surface of the embryo for testing them for hereditary disorders or genetic defects in the lab. The embryologists use advanced technological methods for discovering the problems in the embryo for preventing them from passing on to the baby.

The testing may take about a week to complete and till then the embryo is kept in the lab by freezing it at a low temperature. If the testing results show zero defects in the embryo and consider them healthy for implantation, the surgeon executes the further process where they get implanted inside the uterus of the patient. However, if the results are observed to be negative, then the embryo is of no use and is demolished.

When is IVF with PGD recommended?

IVF with PGD is suitable for couples who suspect having a genetic disease or are dealing with an unidentified infertility issue. We offer PGD testing at the best cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia to the patients. Before conducting the PGD test, our fertility expert first ensures whether you are a perfect candidate for IVF with PGD treatment to ensure that you get the effective results in your treatment.

Below is the list of the candidates who can get better results in their IVF treatment with the help of PGD test.

  • A woman who has ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
  • Women with premature ovarian failure should try PGD testing
  • A woman who is having repeated miscarriages should go for PGD testing to find out if the cause lies in the embryo.
  • Women experiencing failed IVF cycles should try PGD to know whether is it is the quality of the embryo that is leading to failure.
  • If one or both the couples have or doubt having a hereditary illness or chromosomal abnormalities should go for the PGD test to stop the transfer of the same to their child.
  • PGD testing is the best option for women over 35 or 40 because they are at higher risk of making bad-quality embryo due to the poor quality of their eggs.

Looking for affordable cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia

You have landed at the right place if you are seeking a fertility centre that offers the lowest price range for PGD testing in Georgia. We at Fertility Centre Georgia operate in collaboration with the best fertility experts and connected with the first-class fertility hospitals in Georgia. Our patients get to experience the finest quality treatment and receive progressive outcomes in their fertility treatment. We also have the highest success rates for different types of fertility treatments and it is the reason why Georgia has become a favorable destination to undergo different methods of assisted reproduction at a sensible cost.

The cost of IVF with PGD in Georgia comes under the price range of USD 3800 to USD 4000 in which the cost of PGD testing of around USD 5000 is included. It may cost more depending upon the various conditional requirements of the patient. This is the best cost for undergoing IVF with PGD testing in Georgia in combination with the services of adroit fertility specialists and other medical experts.

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